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   Chapter 241 Where is Your Husband

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Angela was taken aback by Nita's sudden apology, but when she saw Arvin's eyes, she came to realize that he was the one who had asked Nita to apologize.

Arvin... Her husband was always thoughtful and considerate.

It was Angela's birthday party, and Nita came to apologize in front of all the guests, knowing that she would be humiliated.

"Look at her. Even if she apologizes, she's still a loser."

"That's right. She has no idea what Angela and her family could do, that stupid woman."

"If I were Angela, I wouldn't forgive her."


'She must be acting, right? I can play along, too.' Angela thought. Angela was not a fool to fall for Nita's apology.

With everyone looking at them, Angela leaned against Arvin's arms. She put on an innocent smile at Nita and said, "I can forgive you as long as you promise that you will never put poisonous snakes in my locker again."

Some people stirred and scolded Nita viciously when they heard Angela had said.

Nita's smile froze. What an ingrate! She controlled her temper and said, "What snakes? I have no idea what you are talking about. Angela, my dear, don't get me wrong. I just want to be your friend, all right?"

Angela was tired of watching her act and said, "Just take back your apology. I won't make friends with somebody who keeps thinking about stealing my husband."

And then she left, arm in arm with Arvin, passing by Nita.

"Look at how awkward the situation is. Angela just ignored her."

"Come on, how dare she provoke Angela? She really overestimated herself."

"Yes, she did. If I were Angela, I would kick her out of this place."


Nita didn't know whom to be mad at because a lot of people were talking about her, so she yelled at her mom Finn, "It's all your fault for making me come here. This is so awkward! And Angela, does she really think she can be Mrs. Gu?"

Finn blankly looked at her and said, "Yes, she already i

ot been back yet.

But Nita, who should've already gone, appeared in front of Angela and oddly said, "What are you waiting for? You really think your husband left because of an emergency?"

Angela looked at her but didn't say anything.

Nita sighed and said, "Look at you, you poor thing. Let me tell you why your husband really left. Rosa wasn't feeling well, so Arvin went to look after her."

"It's not up to you to tell me about my husband." Angela stopped her and thought, 'Did you really want to be my friend? Liar.

You won't be satisfied until I get sad, will you?'

Nita said, "Well, don't get mad at me. Don't you believe what I said? Here, watch this video clip. It's not fabricated. Kill me if I'm wrong."

Angela didn't know what to say.

She was shown a video clip where Arvin was holding Rosa in his arms, rushing out of Rosa's home. Then, he gently placed her in his car and drove away like the wind.

He seemed really worried, driving away that fast.

Angela took Nita's phone. She switched it off without any expression on her face, and then she dropped it into a glass of wine near them.

The screen never lit up again.

"What's gotten into you, bitch?" Nita got angry. She picked up her phone, but it was too late. It couldn't boot up anymore.

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