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   Chapter 240 How Dare She Come Here

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In a gentleman-like manner, Arvin held Angela's arm and walked up to the stage together. They stood in front of the eight-tier birthday cake. The couple looked so great together as they stood in the middle of the stage, so a lot of guests took out their phones to photograph them.

"Look! The cake and the curtain behind them are both lilac. The decor, the dolls, and the desserts are also all in the same color palette. With the couple are standing there, everything looks so romantic!" one of the guests marvelled.

"Yes! Angela is looking so beautiful tonight. Her birthday party is even more luxurious than other people's wedding ceremonies!" another guest echoed.

"Angela usually wears casual clothes, but tonight she looks like a goddess in that dress."

"I couldn't imagine that she could be this pretty when she's all dolled up. She is emanating the aura of an upper-class lady. She and Mr. Gu are really a match made in heaven!"

"Oh! Why do good husbands always belong to someone else?"


The candles on the cake were lit, and the lights in the hall were all switched off. Someone in the group began to sing the Happy Birthday song, then all the other people followed and sang it in unison.

"Babe, make a wish, " said Arvin. He looked at Angela, with a doting and loving look in his eyes.

Angela closed her eyes and made wishes in her mind, 'I wish I can have a baby with Arvin; I wish I can live happily with Arvin for the rest of my life; I wish for all of my family members and friends to have a good health...'

After that, Angela blew out the candles. Then, a warm round of applause came from the guests.

In this admirable birthday party, some of the women who attended were happy and excited, while some of them were sad and resentful.

In a corner, a woman stood and looked toward the gleaming couple onstage. She gritted her teeth and asked the woman next to her, "Mom, do you really want me to apologize to that woman?"

'Angela has ruined my reputation!' Nita couldn't understand why her mother was forcing her to apologize to Angela!

"Yes. If you don't apologize to her, Arvin won't let you off." Finn Du and Nita Zhen were having a conversation in a corner of the hall for a while, trying to hide themselves.

Nita clenched her fists, as she stared at the woman smiling hap

and greeted, "Dad, mom, Uncle Tang."

Mr. Tang was also a doctor. He admiringly told Chuck, "Mr. Gu and your daughter look good together. Chuck, you are so lucky to have them both. Your son and your daughter are both nice kids, and your son-in-law and your daughter-in-law are too! You and Daisy are so fortunate to have been blessed!"

They all laughed. Chuck replied in a modest manner, "Thank you. Is your son studying abroad? I heard that he's excellent in school. Your son will be a very promising man. Just wait, and you'll have your own happiness!"

Mr. Tang burst into laughter and said, "Your son and Mr. Gu are both far above my own son! I'll let you guys talk, while I go greet Mr. Li."

Mr. Tang left. Holding Arvin's arm, Angela joyfully chatted with Chuck and Daisy.

The next step of the party was receiving presents from the guests. At that moment, two women came toward Angela. When the people clearly saw their faces, they were shocked and began to whisper around. "Isn't she Nita Zhen? The nerve she has to show up here!"

"That's right! She is here at Angela's birthday party. Doesn't she have any sense of shame?"

"How dare she come here! She lured another woman's husband in public! She should be sentenced to death!"


Perplexed, Angela looked at the two women standing in front of her. She didn't remember having ever invited Finn and Nita.

Nita lifted her glass of wine, managed to put on a smile, and apologized, "Angela... I'm sorry, for what I have done before... It's my fault. I'm really sorry!"

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