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   Chapter 238 Take Care of Yourself

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Stanley didn't know about their other affairs, but he understood Angela's personality. Angela always went to his house to see Nancy, as they were close friends.

So as time went by, Stanley became more and more familiar with Angela. According to his experience and understanding of people, Angela wasn't the sort of person Derrick Luo was accusing her to be.

But, Derrick did have one valid point, most descendants of big families were not always so innocent and simple-minded.

After all, they would have witnessed many kinds of conflicts, jealousy, and disputes on the family's property, so by the time they reached Angela's age, most of them would have already become very cunning.

However, in Stanley's eyes, Angela was one of the few rare cases who were still very pure. Well, maybe Angela was not that innocent and dumb, but she was kind, and wouldn't hurt anyone.

She was just a very simple woman. She was very genuine. She always thought and acted in one and the same way.

Take her trick on Nita's face as an example. She took her revenge on Nita, but didn't backstab her.

Unlike Nita... Thinking of what Nita had done, Stanley couldn't help but remind Derrick, "Nita is not as simple as you think she is. Don't love her so blindly, otherwise you will be the one hurting in the end." Nita kept saying that she loved Arvin, while she was already having a sexual relationship with Derrick. What the hell was she thinking?

Stanley couldn't find anything good to say about Nita. Moreover, Nancy had told him about the countless, malicious things Nita had done secretly to hurt Angela, But Derrick was so stubborn that he wouldn't allow anyone to speak ill of Nita. In response to Stanley, he violently shook away his hand and snapped, "Is your wife bewitched by Angela? Nita is the real victim here, and yet you all blame her? Is it because you are afraid of offending the Si family?"

Stanley was so shocked. He looked at Derrick, and thought that he was the one who had been bewitched by Nita. "Buddy, take care of yourself!" Stanley sighed and said. He patted Derrick's arm, turned around and went back into the VIP room.

Derrick tidied his clothes as he stood in the cor

her. It felt quite good!"

She was such an experienced woman, of course her skills were quite remarkable.

In the VIP room.

Arvin had tidied his clothes, and with his eyes closed, he leaned against the sofa and kept silent, while Gage kept muttering, "You have been friends for so many years. Don't become enemies over two women. Derrick has always lived under his parent's protection, so he doesn't understand how the world really works, and he hasn't got a good eye for people."

That was why Derrick had lost all of his father's money when he was in charge of the Luo Group.

"I understand he overstepped his boundaries. He shouldn't have abused Angela that way, " Gage continued, "Angela has been a best friend to Nancy for many years. I know about her, and she's not like what Derrick had said. There must be some misunderstandings among you guys. So just make everything clear to each other. There's no need to fight."

Arvin opened his eyes, looked at a bottle of liquor, and said, "If he still chooses to be together with Nita, I won't be his friend anymore."

He wouldn't allow anyone to hurt Angela, even if that person was his good friend.

The three of them left the VIP room, but they didn't know that Derrick was still in the opposite room. When Gage walked past the opposite room, he stopped to listen. Then, he caught up with Stanley and Arvin, and told them in a mysterious voice, "Hey, I heard... that kind of sound in that room."

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