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   Chapter 237 I Have Never Seen Another Person Protect a Woman Like You Do

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"Please hold back your creepy smile. There are many girls in your company that would want to have sex with you. Just take your pick, " Stanley said casually.

"I'm not just looking for someone to have sex with. Look at you three, it is love that makes each of you so energetic and cheerful!" It was time for Gage to find a girlfriend to love and care for.

"You can find a designer to be your girlfriend, so you two can work together to try and monopolize the interior designing industry in the Shine Empire, " joked Arvin.

In response, Gage pretended to be surprised and said, "Oh! I see. So the reason you married Angela is to monopolize the hospital in C Country and the Shine Empire with Angela's family!"

Arvin glanced at Gage as warning. He played with his glass and said, "Don't misinterpret my pure love to my wife with your dirty mind." They got married because they were deeply in love with each other. The love between Arvin and Angela was pure.

Arvin didn't want other things like money and financial interests to interfere with his relationship with Angela.

Gage retorted, "You started it, okay? The love between my future wife and I will be pure as well. We won't get married for such materialistic things!"

At that time, Gage had never thought that somehow he would later be chasing a female designer who had just returned from abroad. Maybe he was affected by Arvin's joke.

"Hey, Arvin, when is your wedding ceremony with Angela?" Stanley addressed Angela directly by her name and not Angela Si because Nancy did it all the time.

Arvin glanced at him coldly and asked, "When did you get acquainted with my wife?" 'Calling my wife without her surname!

It seems that I should keep an eye on Angela and tell her not to visit Nancy so frequently, ' Arvin thought.

"Angela and I..." Stanley raised his eyebrows, smiled and said deliberately, "are well acquainted with each other." Nancy often talked about Angela at home, so it was obvious that he was familiar with Ang

for being appealing and attractive but Stanley hadn't observed Arvin's hands.

"Arvin, I won't let off anyone who hurt Nita, even if that person is your wife!" Derrick breathed heavily and wiped the blood from around the corners of his mouth.

Arvin picked up a piece of wet tissue and wiped his hands. He told Derrick indifferently, "First, Angela didn't let her bodyguard rape Nita! Second, if you hurt my wife... Derrick, hurting my wife is the same as hurting me. Think about the consequences!"

"Humph! You say Angela didn't do that? Arvin, I am afraid Angela has been keeping you in the dark. Do you really think she is innocent? Don't be silly. There are no innocents in such a big and rich family! Don't be fooled by her sweet and innocent appearance!" said Derrick.

This angered Arvin greatly so he grabbed a bottle from the table and rushed to Derrick.

Stanley and Gage understood that Arvin was uncontrollably furious by this time. So they decided to diffuse the situation quickly. Gage stopped Arvin. Stanley pulled Derrick out of the private VIP room as he said, "Derrick, you are drunk now. Let's leave first. Go, go, go." Stanley pushed and pulled. Finally, he managed to get Derrick out of the room.

In fact, even as a bystander, Stanley thought that Derrick had really gone too far out of line this time.

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