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   Chapter 236 Being Busy Was No Excuse

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After the bodyguard left, Kent came in, "Mr. Gu, I have booked the island you had mentioned, but the yacht still has a little problem. We will have to wait a little longer since the factory does not have enough finished products in stock."

"For how long?" asked Arvin.

Kent replied, "About two months."

'Two months? I hope Angela is not worried.' "What about the wedding dress?"

"The designers are on a world tour, and they will finish in about half a month, " replied Kent. The wedding dress designers Arvin invited were some of the top designers in the world. Unfortunately that meant that they all had incredibly busy schedules to keep up with. Yet Arvin managed to jump the line ahead of the others.


Yesterday Arvin dug deep to find out what was going on in Angela's mind. Angela said, "If a woman could marry the man of her dreams, she wouldn't be bothered about the dates of the wedding ceremony. If the man has some difficulties, it is okay to even not have a wedding ceremony. As long as the law, their family and friends are there to recognise and acknowledge the marriage, it should be fine."

... Angela was the love of his life. How could he not give her a wedding ceremony? Not only would he give her a ceremony, he would also make sure it was the best one.

The next day when Angela woke up, Kent had delivered a lot of gifts.

There were corals, shells, sea essence beauty care products, photos of her and Arvin diving together, and souvenirs from the places they had visited. So many.

There were two pairs of premium quality corals of different colors. Angela put one pair on the tea table in her living room, and the other pair she would take to the Gu family's house.

As for the shell, she wanted Arvin to have it, since she had picked it up from under the sea for him.

She could give some small souvenirs to Nancy and Mandy. Mandy had a daughter, who would love those little things.

When she bought them, Arvin had made fun of her and asked whether they were for their future baby.

Angela thought of Arvin's expression then, and blushed. She t

"You don't need to. You are pregnant! You only need to care for your baby."

"Then I'll ask Stanley to ask for you!"

"Nancy, there's really no need to..." After a while of thinking Angela said, "If he really loves me, the wedding ceremony is sure to come!"

She believed in Arvin's love for her. She could wait.

Nancy shook her head as she saw the silly look on Angela's face. Women in love are truly helpless. 'Did I look helpless?' thought Nancy.

The night fell slowly. Men and women, all dressed-up for the evening went in and out of the biggest night club in J City.

In room 666, several men clinked their glasses of fancy white wine together, and drank them all.

Gage jealously glanced at his three pals and complained, "I envy you. Each one of you are in love. Either wife in pregnancy, married, or in a stable relationship. Unlike me, I've been single for thirty years. Soon I am going to become an old bachelor."

Derrick wrinkled his eyebrows less obviously. He didn't responded to Gage with any comments as he had just come back from abroad and did not understand many things.

Stanley then looked at Gage, "As your brother-in-law, I guess I am obligated to help you solve your life problem."

Gage drank up his half a glass of white wine and nodded approvingly, "Great. Introduce me one of your girls. I prefer a wild one!" It would be exciting to try and tame her.

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