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   Chapter 235 I've Said That I Would Marry Nita

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'Angela's bodyguard?' Nita furiously gripped her bedsheets. "Angela did it to me! It must be her!" yelled Nita.

"Angela and Arvin are in Green Cold Country now, without bringing that bodyguard. If you want, I can take him to you, so you can interrogate him, " said Derrick. He didn't care about his friendship with Arvin anymore. Angela had crossed the line and hurt Nita! She had asked her bodyguard to treat Nita this way. He wouldn't let her off any longer!

"Bring him to me!" said Nita. She had to take her revenge! If she found out that Angela was indeed the one behind this, she wouldn't let Angela off so easily!

Half an hour later, Derrick fed the medicine to Nita and then asked his men to bring the bodyguard upstairs to them.

As soon as she saw the bodyguard, Nita's eyes burned with fury and resentment. She recognized this man! He was undeniably one of Angela's bodyguards!

The man was wearing a pale, weak, and scared face. He looked absently elsewhere, which indicated his guilty conscience.

"Did she order you to do this to me?" Nita squeezed out the question through clenched teeth. When she realized that she had slept with this disgusting man in front of her, she almost broke down.

'She? Did Nita mean Rosa Yin?' wondered the bodyguard. He immediately nodded, "Yes! Miss Zhen, I'm sorry..." The bodyguard apologized to her. He almost wanted to kneel down to show his sincerity.

'So it is true! It's Angela who did it to her!' Nita was so irritated, and she hated Angela even more.

She swore in her mind, 'Angela Si! I won't let you off!'

Looking at this man, who had slept with his beloved woman, Derrick strode over and flew his fist toward the bodyguard's face. However, the bodyguard reacted so fast that he caught Derrick's fist, stopping him from punching his face.

He... didn't do it on purpose. He was a bodyguard, so his reflexes were trained to get rid of any danger.

So when Derrick threw his fist at him the second time, he didn't fight back.

Nita felt a little better when she saw the man who had raped her had been punched.

When Derrick returned to the Luo family's house, it was already late night.

As soon as he entered the house, he saw his parents sitting in the living room, wearing worried looks.

"Dad, Mom

whereabouts, yet. And, we sense that something unusual is going on between Rosa and Nita, but we haven't figured it out yet..." Malik Jia reported to Arvin what they had investigated.

"Is there any news about Adam Geng?" asked Arvin.

"No. He has disappeared. After leaving Yao Hospital, he hasn't gone back to the place where he used to live in."

"Okay. Then, have you found out what happened to Nita on Baron Li's wedding day?"

"Yes. It was Rosa who asked Angela's bodyguard to send Nita to the hotel room. After that, she left the room, but the bodyguard didn't come out..." When he found the bodyguard, Malik saw bruises on the bodyguard's face. It seemed that someone had already punched him. The bodyguard was now under his watch.

"Bring the bodyguard to me. I need to interrogate him, " said Arvin. The bodyguard might not tell Malik the truth, so Arvin thought he'd better personally interrogate him.

Arvin was right. Malik had interrogated the bodyguard before he took him to Arvin, but the bodyguard didn't say anything.

In the end, when he saw Arvin, the bodyguard honestly told him about everything that happened that day. He begged, "Mr. Gu, I was wrong. I lost myself in lust at that time. It's my fault. Please give me one more chance..."

"Give you one more chance to do what?" Arvin glanced at the frightened bodyguard.

"Give me... one more chance to protect Mrs. Gu..." said the bodyguard.

"Mrs. Gu wasn't hurt, and I don't care about your personal affairs, " said Arvin.


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