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   Chapter 234 Weren't You Afraid of Nose Bleeding

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"Big Wing..." Angela shook away his hand, put on a dark look on her face, and said, "You don't love me at all!"

Arvin was stumped by her statement. Whether he loved her or not, didn't she know it already?

"If you love me, then why didn't you play with me in the sea? If you love me, then why won't you eat at snack stands with me? If you love me, then why won't you listen to my words? It means that you don't love me at all!" Angela said it in one breath. She was pissed because Arvin was putting his obsession with cleanliness first!

Arvin felt baffled and rubbed beneath his brows. This woman had so many unreasonable arguments!

Seeing his confused look, Angela continued to pour out her grievances, "Now that we are out on a holiday, I finally realized how incompatible our lifestyles are. We were living a simple life in J City, so we could live in harmony, without any external factors. But now..."



"You just want me to eat those things in snack stands with you, right?" Did she have to beat around the bush to blame him? If he didn't love her, he wouldn't even be here with her!

He had never complained against her when she didn't consider his feelings, but now, she wouldn't stop blaming him... Arvin sighed. He really had a love-hate relationship with her!

"Yes! That's right!"


They kept silent for a couple of minutes. Then, looking at the woman's aggrieved look in her eyes, Arvin conceded again.

In the end, cheerfully, Angela succeeded in taking Arvin to have barbecue at a street-side snack stand.

A menu was placed in front of them. Angela gave the menu to Arvin, who was wearing a disgusted look. She said in a generous way, "This is my treat. Order any dish you like!"

"Please just order anything you want, " said Arvin indifferently. He had no appetite for them.

Knowing his displeasure, Angela ordered the dishes herself.

But during dinner, unexpectedly, Arvin took his chopsticks, moved the plate of oysters in front of him...

Confused, Angela looked at the man who was eating oysters in an elegant manner and asked, "Didn't you say that you wouldn't eat any food here?"

Arvin put another oyster on his plate and ans

kiss her until the end of time...

Like Arvin had said, the next morning, Angela indeed couldn't get up.

At noon, when Nicole came back after having fun outside, she asked Angela to have lunch with her. That was when she finally got up from bed.

Angela patted her hazy eyes with cold water to make herself seem fresh. She was still so sleepy.

She wondered if she was sick. She couldn't remember when she fell asleep last night. She still wanted to sleep even if it was already noon time.

Angela brushed her teeth, but suddenly thought of something. She bit the toothbrush between her lips and put her right hand on her left wrist to feel her pulse.

Two minutes had past, but she still couldn't find anything wrong.

She gave up and decided to let Arvin to take her pulse after his work, just to see if she was sick.

She dressed up quickly. Then, holding Nicole's arm, she left the hotel.

At the Zhen family's house in J City

Wearing a weary and pale face, Nita was ill in bed. She fell sick after she had been Locke up with two pythons last time. She still hadn't recovered yet.

Sitting on her bedside while putting on a serious look, Derrick Luo said, "Nita..." He hesitated. He hadn't gotten any explanation from Nita about what had happened last time.

Nita coldly asked him, "Didn't you promise me to investigate who sent me to the hotel that day?"

Derrick took a deep breath and told her, "It's a bodyguard... Angela's bodyguard."

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