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   Chapter 233 From What I Can See in Your Eyes, I Know You Are My Mr. Right

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7033

Updated: 2018-10-16 00:24

"Your kiss was so wild. Why did you stop? We want to see more!"

Angela flushed red out of embarrassment. She bit Arvin's lip gently, so Arvin slightly frowned but still hugged her tightly.

Later on, he felt her resistance and released her.

On their way to the hotel, Angela punished Arvin by pinching his arms.

Angela felt so embarrassed to be seen making out with Arvin in public.

When they returned to the hotel, they had forgotten their plan to go diving and went to bed together.

They finally came out from their room at dusk. Angela rushed toward the dock excitedly.

Arvin slowed his pace and enjoyed the beautiful figure running by the seaside.

After a few minutes, Angela stopped running. She gasped and looked at Arvin. Then, she put her hands against her face and shouted at Arvin, "Hey! Are you feeling tired, Uncle Arvin? I still have a lot of energy to spare!"

'Tired? Uncle Arvin?' Arvin got confused with the way Angela called him. He was only four or five years older than her. How could she refer to him in that way?

But Arvin didn't show any expression on his face and only gestured for her to come forward.

Angela knew that it was a trap, so she rejected his order. She said those words only because there was quite a distance between them and Arvin couldn't catch her.

Then, she made an face toward him and said, "Bye." She turned around and ran forward.

Suddenly, Angela was grasped tightly by Arvin, making her let out a scream. She was surprised when she was hugged by him from her backside. She had never expected that Arvin could run so fast.

He whispered beside her ear, "Angela, did you just say I was tired? How about I show you my energy again?"

"No, please. Forgive me, my dear husband!" Angela turned to face him and put her arms around his neck to ask for his forgiveness.

He kissed her lips and asked, "What if I don't want to forgive you?"

"Hmm... how about tomorrow night?" She smiled and whispered by his ear.

Arvin held her waist with more strength and warned her, "Babe, if you dare lie to me, I'll attack you, violent

their way to the bank, she remembered that the shell she picked up in the beach back then and discreetly put in Arvin's pocket secretly was still cherished by him, adorning his shelf.

She released Arvin's hand and swam toward the direction of the bottom of the sea. Then, she grasped a beautiful shell and gave it to Arvin.

Arvin smirked but pretended to have an expression of contempt. Then, he led her to return to the bank.

Angela was confused. Why did Arvin give her such an expression when his eyes told her he liked this shell very much?

'Maybe he is too proud to admit that he likes it, ' Angela guessed.

After they went ashore, Arvin was going to take her out to dinner.

At the gate of a four-star-ranked restaurant, Arvin was about to enter, but Angela pulled him back. She pointed at the snack stand near the restaurant, and he looked at it bewilderedly.

Then, he understood what she meant... She wanted to eat dinner in a snack stand that looked dirty and messy.

"No!" Arvin refused her proposal immediately. Then, he dragged her into the restaurant.

"Listen to me, Big Wing. My friends told me that the food in these snack stands are delicious! Let's try them out..." Angela persuaded him.

He refused her once again, "No way!"

"It's true! I tried it once, and the food was really tasty!" Angela didn't give up.

"No!" Arvin replied to her in a tough tone.

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