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   Chapter 232 Arvin Was Not Ashamed

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 5916

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Playing happily for a while, Angela waved at her man on the shore, "Come over. It's so nice here!"

In disgust, Arvin looked at the sea crowded with other tourists. Who knew whether they had smelly feet or not... He asked Angela, "You come up!"

"You come down!" Angela could clearly see Arvin's disgust. But, since they were out having fun, they couldn't be too discerning!

"You come up!" He was a man with principles. He asked Angela to come up, so she must.

Angela pouted her lips and said, "Don't be too fussy. Just come down!"

"Let's go someplace else." He insisted, refusing to give in.

Angela pouted and turned around. If he didn't want to join her, then let him be.

Just as Angela was about to ignore Arvin and enjoy the water, a tall foreigner wearing a colorful shirt greeted Angela, "Hi! Beauty, would you like to hang out together?"

Before answering, Angela could feel an intense gaze from behind. She thought about it and answered, "Okay! Where are we going?"

The man happily pointed to a group of young foreigners at a distance. "All my friends are there. We are going to the center of the sea by yacht. Would you like to come?"

"Uhm..." Angela hesitated, but to provoke Arvin, she answered, "Yes. No problem!"

When Angela was about to go with the foreign man, she saw out of the corner of her eye that Arvin... was surrounded by many women.

Arvin said something, and the women laughed so hard that their bodies shook. Unbelievable! How could Arvin be like this!

Her anger surged. She left the foreigner, ran across the water to Arvin, and said, "Hey, what are you doing to my husband?"

The women talking to Arvin heard her and turned around.

They saw a woman standing in the water, hands on her waist, angrily looking

he sunglasses on her head and said, "Ah... You are evil! How can we stay here now?"

People saw what they did. How embarrassing!

Arvin smiled, stroked her wet long hair, and said, "Why not go back to our room... I'll play with you there..."

Angela pinched him hard on his arm and said, "Arvin, how can you be this lascivious!"

He was always thinking about getting her into bed! What a horny man Arvin was!

Arvin lifted her up to his chest and took her to the shore in spite of other's gaze. "Let's go change."

He was worried of her getting sick.

"No, I want to go diving!"

"Okay, we'll go diving. But first, let's go changing!" Arvin took their shoes and headed to the hotel first.

"Diving first, and then go changing!" To express her shame and wrath, she intentionally went against him.

Arvin was walking in front of her and suddenly turned, "Do you want to have a go at it one more time?"

"At what?" He changed the subject so fast that she couldn't respond.

"This!" Arvin lowered his head and kissed her red lips.


"Look at the couple who was just kissing in the sea. Now, they are kissing here again. Their hormones must be raging!"

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