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   Chapter 231 I Miss You So Much

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The young couple had reconciled when the plane landed on Green Cold Country. They weren't really angry with each other. They only quarrelled because they were both put into an embarrassing situation at that moment.

After they got off the plane, Arvin lifted Angela to his chest. "Hey, what are you doing? I can walk by myself!"

The servants in two separate cars had been waiting for them. "I won't put you down if you are still angry."

"... I'm not mad at you, " Angela said. Everyone was watching them, so she was feeling shy, but Arvin still didn't let her down. Not until they had gotten into the car did Arvin release her from his arms.

In the hotel, Arvin told Angela to have a rest in the room, while he went to the meeting room upstairs.

Angela had already rested on the plane, so she wasn't feeling tired at all. After Arvin left, she saw the swimming pool from the balcony and asked the front desk to send her a swimsuit.

She swam like a happy mermaid for quite a while.

When Angela surfaced and wiped her wet face, she saw a woman. Angela rubbed her eyes to ensure that it wasn't an illusion, and then she screamed out, "Sister-in-law!"

Nicole smiled and passed her a bathrobe. "Ah, so you were hiding under the water... No wonder I couldn't find you."

Angela went out of the pool, wrapped herself in the bathrobe, and asked, "I didn't expect you to be here."

"Well, your brother said he and Arvin will attend a meeting, and after that there'll be a few days of free time, so he brought me here."

"Where are my nephews?" The two women sat on the chaises longues, and soon, two waitress served them beverages.

"My eldest is at our mom's, while the younger one is at Jane's." The two boys almost never let them worry.

"I really miss them. Bring them to J City if you have time." Angela loved her two nephews. Every time she went to see them, she would buy them a lot of things. The two boys also loved her very much. They always wished to see their aunt.

"Okay. I wi

one of his arms around his own wife, and put his other hand into the pocket of his pants, mockingly saying, "Angela, you have gotten yourself a green-eyed monster!"

Angela quite agreed with it. She nodded gravely, "Yes! He is Mr. Jealousy."

Mr. Jealousy... Arvin had no idea that Angela had given him a new nickname. He murmured to her ear and said, "Get ready for tonight!

... You wicked guy!" Angela blushed. She shook off Arvin's arms. "I want food! I'm so hungry!" She rushed to the door to cover up her shame.

The two couples, both in their couple shirts, now sat in the dining room.

Angela and Arvin were in white coats and T-shirts, while Sven and Nicole were in black coats and T-shirts.

The four people made heads turn, as they were walking on the road.

Angela thought that they were all going to hang out, but when they arrived at the seashore, Arvin told her to say goodbye to his brother and Nicole.

That was because the two men had both decided to spend time with their own wives first. They decided to hang out together on their last day here.

The two men both thought it was a good idea, so they separated once they had reached the seashore.

It was hotter in Green Cold Country than in J City, so they were wearing cropped pants. Angela took off her trainers, and stepped into the sea barefoot.

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