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   Chapter 230 I Didn't Sleep With Him

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7226

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Angela had to rely on her effective methods to coax her stubborn husband. She put the egg yolk back on the plate and wiped her hands with a tissue paper.

Then, she gripped Arvin's sleeves and apologized to him, "Big Wing, I was sorry. I'm wrong. Although it wasn't entirely my fault, I will still apologize to you. Please forgive me, would you?"

That was the biggest concession that she could make.

Arvin put down the fork and asked, "Now do you realise it was your fault?"

"Yes, yes. I know that!" Angela apologized sincerely.

"Finish your breakfast in five minutes, then dress yourself up in fifteen minutes and go out with me" instructed Arvin. In fact, even without Fabian reminding him last night, Arvin always knew that Angela was still as playful as a child.

He had already planned to go out with Angela today. He also was well aware that Angela would eventually apologize to him.

Angela's mouth dropped when she heard that. She looked at her breakfast and replied, "In five minutes? There's no way I can finish this in five minutes, and I can't dress myself up in just fifteen minutes!" It usually took women more than fifteen minutes to do their makeup and dress up before going out.

Arvin squinted at her and said, "In that case, I will just go by myself."

"Go where?"

"To have fun."

... Forty minutes later, Angela grabbed her handbag, and finally got ready to head out with Arvin.

After she boarded the plane, she found that Arvin had already packed her luggage and had moved them to the plane.

Angela looked at the arrogant man, speechlessly. 'Did he already forgive me a while ago? Then why did he bother so much with the apology? Huh! This mean guy!'

Angela thought to herself.

Now Angela was starting to get excited about the surprise trip. She had forgotten all about the displeasure and asked, "Big Wing, where are we going to have fun? Why are you still wearing your Western suit?"

He wore a suit as if he was going out to work and not for fun.

"To Green Cold Country." He answered her simply and continued to browse on his cellphone.

Obviously he was giving her the cold shoulder and making her

in the cockpit. When he saw what was going on in the cabin, Kent immediately turned around and said, "I'm sorry, so sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt!"

He didn't expect Arvin to lose control over himself and passionately make love to his wife in the cabin.

He just wanted to go to the toilet, but he accidentally walked in on them.

The couple tidied their clothes. Angela looked out of the window as she blushed, while Arvin composed himself and sat next to her. "Next time, you go and take an airplane by yourself!" he told Kent.

Kent was speechless. He was so innocent.

Angela couldn't help but defend Kent, saying, "You are the one who is shameless. Don't blame Kent."

Kent appreciated Angela's kindness and consideration.

Arvin had already returned to his normal self, but now his face darkened again.

His change in mood confused Angela. Women were always supposed to be a little unpredictable. Now however, she thought that her husband was more unpredictable than a woman was.

Pointing at the man who was walking toward the toilet, Arvin held Angela and said, "If you side with him next time, I'll throw him off the plane straight away."

Angela was dumbfounded. He rightfully deserved the name, 'Mr. Jealousy'.

Kent was also left speechless. He swore to himself that whenever Angela and Arvin were together in the cabin, he would rather die trying to hold it in than enter their cabin to use the toilet.

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