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   Chapter 229 There Was Mr. Jealousy at Home

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7182

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After hearing what Fabian had said, Arvin kept silent for a few seconds. Then he picked up Angela who was clutched to his chest and said, "How we get along with each other is none of your business."

Kent was already waiting for them with the car door open. Arvin carried Angela into the car and left.

Fabian was standing alone in the wind after they had left. He was dazed and confused. 'It's right. She loves Arvin. Even if she just stays with Arvin and does nothing, she'll be happy, ' he thought.

When Arvin and Angela were on their way home, something interesting happened.

Angela pressed against Arvin and said, "Big Wing, how did you know I was here? You came here just to pick me up. It's very nice of you!"

When she spoke, her breath reeked strongly of alcohol. Arvin disliked the smell so he pushed her away.

Angela was put down by that. She pounced upon him and said, "Big Wing, I want to sleep."

"You want to sleep? Angela, don't you think I deserve an explanation first?" Earlier that evening, Arvin left the operating table a bit early because the operation he conducted had been successful. After he arrived at Shenfeng Mansion, he found out from someone that Angela was with another man.

He had just heard someone say that Angela was Fabian's girlfriend. His girlfriend? Angela was his wife. How dare she became another man's girlfriend. Did she not care about his feelings?

"You want an explanation? Okay, I will give you one. But I need to get some sleep first!" Angela wriggled around in his arms like a child.

After she found a comfortable position, she instantly fell into sleep within half a minute.


When Angela opened her eyes, it was broad daylight. She rolled over into Arvin's arms. "Well, Big Wing, don't you have work to go to?"

Arvin looked a little upset. Why was that?

"I was just waiting for you to wake up, " he said in a low voice.

He had been waiting the whole night.

"Oh, I am awake now! That's weird. Why don't I have a headache this time?" She usually has an awful headache in the next morning after drinking alcohol.

Arvin glared at her coldly. 'You don't have

pected her to say something to quell his anger.

Arvin kept silent and walked out of the bedroom. When Angela saw he was about to leave, she clenched her teeth and startled him by teasing, "If you don't eat breakfast, I'll call Fabian and let him eat the food!"

Angela's hands shivered as she looked into his eyes. In that moment, she wanted to throw the plate and run away.

Instead, she looked at him, gathered up all her courage and said, "I cooked so much food. I can't just throw it away in the bin!"

Arvin heard what Angela had said, then walked into the dining room and sat at the table.

Angela giggled quietly and followed him. Then she picked up half a yolk using her chopsticks, held it beside Arvin's lips and said, "I don't like to eat yolk!"

Arvin knew that. When she didn't want to eat yolk, he usually fed it to her or ate it himself.

But this time, he said, "Throw it away!"

"Throwing it away would be such a waste of food." Angela put down her plate and put her arms around his shoulder. She continued to persuade him, "Big Wing, I know you are angry but you married me, so we live together now. Now that we'll live together for evermore, you'd better eat it."

"..." It was the first time Arvin heard Angela come up with this many absurd explanations.

"You are already another man's girlfriend. I don't need to eat yolk for you!" If Arvin got mad, the consequences could be very serious.

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