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   Chapter 228 Is Arvin Gu A Friend of Purple Charm

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7479

Updated: 2018-10-15 00:24

'You want me to coax Arvin? Can a man even coax another man?' Fabian Li pictured the odd scenario in his mind. He shook his head vigorously and got goose bumps all over his body.

"It's no problem. Let's keep it a secret from your husband!" Fabian patted the back seat of his motorcycle and urged, "Come on, have a seat!"

But Angela still refused. "Fabian, but my husband."

"Stop, stop it, please. Stop repeating the word 'husband' again and again. I've heard it a hundred times now! Okay, to tell you the truth, today is my birthday. Would you like to come out with me?" asked Fabian.

... Angela hesitated instantly, 'it was Fabian's birthday.'

She said, "But... I haven't got any presents for you."

Fabian shook his head and said, "It's okay. If you come with me now, your company will make up for a great birthday present!"

"But, my husband, he will..." 'He will get jealous!'

"Please, please. I'm a poor bachelor, so please don't mention your husband to hurt my feelings anymore. Okay? I know you're married, but you still have the freedom to make friends, right? We can be just friends. Unless you have feelings for me?" Fabian asked the last question with a sly look in his eyes.

Angela rolled her eyes at him and said, "That's impossible! Fine! I'll go with you!"

As soon as she sat on Fabian's motorcycle, Angela instantly started to regret it. How could she fall for his trap so easily?

She prayed and hoped that her 'Mr. Jealousy' wouldn't find out about this.

Fabian was having his birthday party at his home. When Angela got there, she saw that there were a lot of other people at the party.

His house was well decorated and colourfully lit up. There was a six-layered birthday cake, and many assorted bottles of imported red wine, liquor, beer, champagne and other beverages placed in the middle.

When they saw Fabian had come back, they immediately greeted him, "Hey, buddy! The man of the hour has finally come back!" "Who's this pretty girl? Is she your girlfriend? Why do I feel like I've met her somewhere?" one of his friends asked.

"Girlfriend? I didn't know that Purple Charm had a girlfriend!" said another female friend of his. She seemed quite jealous. She inspected Angela w

Gu a friend of Purple Charm's?" another asked.

"I don't know." another anwered.

But then suddenly Angela screamed, and ran towards the CR super car. When they heard her screaming, the crowd immediately gave way to her.

Even though Arvin was sitting in the car angrily, he immediately opened the door, got out and caught Angela's arms as she staggered to get to the car.

"Oh, God! That's Arvin Gu!"

"Yes! But why is he holding Purple Charm's girlfriend?"

"Wow! You're right. Is this woman being unfaithful to Purple Charm?"

When the guests started talking about Angela, Fabian asked his housekeeper to send all his friends away.

With a face like thunder, Arvin held the woman in his arms firmly. He cast a sharp glance at Fabian and warned him, "Do you really want to go back to the Li family?"

Fabian's eyes flashed with rage. He then sneered, "I pity Angela. She lost her freedom to make friends after she got married with you. Do you know how much fun Angela's had earlier tonight? Mr. Gu, you are such a busy man. I assume you don't get to spend much time with Angela, right?"

He continued, "Angela is so young. Just a few years over twenty, but she is married to you. Before she was married to you, she was able to experience the wonderful joys of the world. And now, she has to devote herself to you all the time in J City. She is so miserable!" In reality, Fabian was heart-broken too. The woman he was in love with was passionately in love with this man.

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