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   Chapter 227 Remember That I'm Married Now

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Malik sat down obediently and started typing as Angela had asked.

After finishing the operation, Arvin changed his clothes and went directly back to his office. Entering the room, he found that Angela and Malik were in there.

The two of them were sitting very close to each other, eyes fixed on his phone as they murmured something to each other then burst into giggles.

Arvin's face darkened at the sight of the scene. He called them out abruptly, "Malik, Angela!"

Looking up to greet him, Angela replied cheerfully, "Hi, honey, you are back. Come and see what we've written to your fans. You owe us big this time!" She was unaware that Arvin was upset, nor did she know that he was upset because she was sitting too close to Malik.

To his own surprise, Arvin found his heart lightened by the way Angela called him.

'She just called me honey, yet she is comfortably sitting so close to another man. What is she thinking?' thought Arvin gloomily. "Malik, don't you have anything to do this afternoon?" asked Arvin.

Malik was going to say that he didn't have much to do at the moment, so he came here to help Angela replying to online comments. But then, he sensed that there was something wrong with Arvin's voice, so he bit back his words. After working with Arvin for some time, he had developed an ability to detect his bad mood even before he saw his look.

As he raised his head and saw Arvin's face, he was convinced that Arvin indeed wasn't in the right mood.

Searching his head for a reason that may have caused the grumpiness, Malik suddenly realized that he was sitting right next to Angela. They were sitting too close to each other!

Horrified by this discovery, Malik thrust the phone into Angela's hands, bounced up from the sofa, and ran to the door. "Mr. Gu, I remember that there is something I need to do this afternoon. I better get started right now. See you!"

As fast as a lightning, he was gone in a blink of an eye.

"What's wrong with him? Is everything all right? He seemed to be in such a hurry, " Angela asked. She didn't even have the chance to speak another word to Malik. Turning off the phone screen, Angela rose from the sofa and met the discontented face of Arvin.

Instantly, she knew that his foul mood stemmed from jealousy.

'Is he jealous again?' Angela racked her brains for the reason that got him like this.

All she had been doing the whole afternoon was replying to the comments Arvin's female fans had left him. Shouldn't she


"..." Angela was speechless. "You're right. It's no big deal, but..."

"Then, what are you waiting for? Come on and let's go! I know this amazing restaurant. You'll love it!" Before she could say anything, Fabian shoved his helmet into Angela's hands.

Then, a guy emerged from the side and, under Fabian's instructions, got into Angela's car and drove away.

Those who didn't know would have thought it was some sort of robbery or something.

"Hey, Fabian, where on earth are you taking my car?" The CR was a gift from Arvin, so Angela especially cherished it. Even though she knew she would get the car back, seeing a strange man drive it away still made her worry. 'What if the car got scratched or bumped into something?'

Seeing that she wasn't moving, Fabian picked up the helmet from Angela's hands and put it on her head. "Relax. Don't you and Arvin live at Shengfeng Mansion? I already told him to take the car there. By the way, he was last year's number one race driver, so don't worry about his driving skills, " Fabian said coolly.

"... You had this all planned out, haven't you?"

"Yes, of course!" Not trying to hide anything, Fabian admitted quickly. "I hacked into Malik's computer to check your husband's schedule. There, I saw that he would be having an important operation tonight, which means he won't be with you. So, here I am!"

"..." Angela was left speechless yet again. Raising her visor, she waved her hand, with the wedding ring on it, in front of Fabian and stressed again, "I am married now, so I have boundaries. I can't go with you. What if my husband gets upset about it? Do you have a plan for that too?"

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