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   Chapter 226 My Boyfriend Is Arvin

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6147

Updated: 2018-10-14 08:16

"I was waiting for you." Now that she was used to having him around, she would not sleep well without him by her side.

Only by holding his waist, lying on his arms, and feeling his heartbeat could she feel a sense of safety and happiness.

"You fool, I am too busy everyday. Don't wait for me after ten." Before being with Angela, he never came home before twelve, and he was often on business trips.

But after being with Angela, he tried his best to get off work early and go home before twelve. As for the business trips, he would let his assistant do it, if possible.

"Yes. Okay." She agreed, but she still would wait for him until he came back home, even after ten.

"My dear." Arvin kissed on her lips.

In the silent, dark night, the couple whispered heartfelt words to each other, filling the room with sweetness.

Then came the woman's grumble, "Arvin, I don't want to talk to you anymore!"

"Really? So do you want to do something else with me?"

"Don't even dream about it. I'm going to sleep!"

"Go ahead!"

But several minutes later, while sleeping, Angela felt Arvin's hands moving around, "Arvin, if you don't go to sleep now, we're going to sleep separately tomorrow night!"

"..." Then, Angela fell asleep soundly.

Before Nita was let out, a piece of news about her spread all over the news sites and programs.

This time, it was much more scandalous, and... nastier.

A pixelated video of a man, who didn't seem like Derrick, having sex with Nita was uploaded on the internet.

Like last time, only Nita's face was not pixelated. Her face was clearly exposed for everyone to see.

The Zhen family was instantly stripped of its status because of Nita's immoral behavior.

The press rallied to the gate of the Zhen family, and some even went to interview Derrick.

When the reporters scr

entirely ruined. The former OB-GYN authority was now a person hated by everyone.

Not only that, but Angela and Arvin had gotten so many supporters. Many people sent private messages to Arvin's Weibo, telling him to keep off Nita and protect Angela.

To people's surprise, Arvin responded back to them...

In the hospital, Angela took Arvin's phone, typed away, and said, "Thank you. Angela and I will be fine."

"... Angela is my wife. I will definitely take care of her."

At this moment, Malik, who was delivering some files, went inside. Angela stopped him, "Malik, come here. Help me reply. I am exhausted!"

In order to improve her husband's image, she had been replying to hundreds of Arvin's fans. How considerate of her!

Malik said in an disagreeable tone, "Angela, it's not that I don't want to help you. Arvin has so many fans. It's impossible to reply to all of them."

Angela shook her sore hands and said, "Try your best!"

Malik nodded reluctantly, "All right!"

He took over the phone handed by Angela, and started to reply, but... "How do I do this?"

Angela waved at him and patted the seat beside her, "Come here. I'll show you!" She was so tired that she didn't want to move at all.

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