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   Chapter 224 Throw Her in

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7090

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'Who... who... who was the man?' she wondered as she started crying.

'What happened after I fell asleep?' she tried very hard to recall. The last thing she remembered was being pushed into the swimming pool by Angela and no one came to help her.

'What happened when I lost my consciousness? Who slept me?' she was bothered by these two questions.

As a doctor, she clearly knew what had happened to her body, But she wanted to know who was the man that had sex with her.


When she turned on the bed lamp, the messy room and the sickening smell made her feel nauseated.

Used condoms were thrown on the floor. There were... six condoms.

'Could one man have used six condoms or, does this mean I was raped by different men?'

Nita started trembling and screaming just at the thought of that happening, 'Ah!

Who did this to me? Fucker! Ah!' she roared inside.

'I have to find the bastard that did this to me. Then kill him!' she planned.

This was a fatal blow to her. She had the perfect life. She was the perfect role model and she enjoyed the feeling of being admired. She has only had sex with Derrick once, which was because she had no other choices.

But now, faced with the possibility that she might have been raped by several men, it would be abnormal if she managed to stay calm.

However, if that man was Arvin, she wouldn't have been bothered. Her face flushed with this assumption.

Then she called two men to help her investigate what had happened in the afternoon but the waiters all said that they didn't know. When they asked for the surveillance video, the hotel security guard claimed that the monitoring camera on that floor was broken. Nita didn't trust what they said and went to the security department in person. But unfortunately it was like the guard said, the camera was broken.

This infuriated her as it was the only way for her to find the answers she was looking for. She couldn't bring the used condoms to the hospital for tests.

... She was afraid that people would discover her secret and she didn't want to take any risks that would diminish her reputa

ched out to help her.

After throwing her in the room, the two body guards locked the door immediately. They were tired of listening to her scream.

Nita screamed even louder because her whole body was entwined by one of the pythons. She didn't realise that she was in an isolated suburb. There weren't many people out there. So, what she was doing right now was completely useless.

Instead of showing mercy, Arvin said, "It's a pity my wife doesn't like pythons or, she would have enjoyed watching this."

Then he took his phone out and sent a text message to Angela, "Would you like to see some photos?"

Angela struggled for a while but still refused, "Never!"

In the pythons' room, Nita had finally fainted out of fear.

"Mr. Gu, she fainted" one guard reported. What he didn't mention was that she also wet her pants.

After putting his cellphone in his pocket, Arvin stood up and said, "Eyes on her! Keep her from being eaten by those two pythons.

Let her stay inside for one day and then take her back to her house!"

"Yes, sir!" answered the guard.

As he got in the car, Arvin ordered Malik, "Investigate what happened to Nita this afternoon in that hotel and give me the answer tomorrow!"

Since Nita didn't know who raped her, he didn't mind getting the answer for her.

"No problem!" said Malik. Malik was on the right path now. Even his yellow hair was dyed back to black.

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