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   Chapter 223 Does He Treat All His Patients so Well

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7338

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Angela made a slow hum as she ignored him and then hid herself under the quilt.

Arvin put the bowl of soup to the side of the bed and lowered his head to kiss Angela's lips. "Why are you angry with me?" he asked.

He already had many ideas in his mind of how to coax her when she got mad at him.

"Don't kiss me. Go and kiss your fiancee!" Angela pushed him away, and wiped her lips off with her hand.

"Angela, I've told you, you are my wife, and Rosa isn't my fiancee anymore!" He wouldn't mind stressing this point to her once again.

"Huh! She isn't your fiancee? Then why do you keep the house in the Jianqiao Garden? Why do you keep your engagement rings? And why did you talk to her in such an intimate way earlier? Arvin, you still have feelings for her. Don't lie to me anymore" Angela felt even more aggrieved with each word she said. She felt that no matter what the consequences, Arvin would always treat Rosa differently than the other women in his life.

Although she could feel that Arvin loved her more, there was a great possibility that he might have wanted them both.

Arvin took the bowl from the bedside, placed a spoonful of soup in front of her lips, and said, "Have some of this, I'll tell you everything."

"Why must I listen to you?" She was still angry.

"Are you sure you don't want to drink it?" His eyes glimmered with an unusual light as he boldly scanned her body from head to toe. Angela noticed his look and immediately opened her mouth for a spoonful of soup.

Angela wanted to take the bowl away from him, but Arvin did not allow her to do so and continued to patiently feed her. She was starting to feel impatient.

Eventually, when the soup was finished, Arvin put the bowl aside and wiped her mouth. "The house in the Jianqiao Garden has been sold!" he said. The buyer was still on his business trip. Arvin was afraid that Angela would get angry because of this, so he asked Kent to find another buyer. The formal procedures were already concluded.

"But the rings, " he paused and said, "Rosa has taken the rings away." When Rosa found out that he was selling the house, she called him and asked him not to do so.

But he didn't agr

rgetic for more.

The other bodyguard looked at him with contempt, and refused, "No, you've already done it with her. I have no interest in her now."

The first bodyguard whose legs were weak now told him in a mysterious tone, "Do you know who's in the room?" He then whispered a name in his ear, and then told him briefly about the whole story.

When the other bodyguard heard the woman inside was the arrogant Nita Zhen, he began to hesitate.

The first bodyguard with weak legs saw him hesitate so he suddenly kicked him into the room and closed the door.

He gritted his teeth and ran upstairs to the presidential suit.

In the room, when the second bodyguard found the messy state of the room and the woman lying in the bed, he started to gasp for air. Eventually, he lost his senses and threw himself onto Nita.

In her dream, one moment Nita felt like she was flying above the clouds and then dropping down on the next. The feeling was all very strange for her.

After a long while, when she felt like she was about to suffocate she finally fell sound asleep.

When she woke up, it was already very dark outside. She turned in her bed, but felt her body ache all over, as if she had been hit by a car.

She soon realized that something was wrong with her body and immediately sat up on the bed.

Under the dim light, she inspected the whole room and her body. "Ah!" She screamed out and quickly pulled over the quilt to cover her body.

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