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   Chapter 222 Give Her CPR

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6587

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The moment the wedding ceremony was over, Arvin rose up from his seat to leave. He had to find Angela, since she had been out for over ten minutes.

He turned around to find Angela's bodyguard quarreling with Nita. He got suspicious and so he went over to them and asked, "What happened? Where is Angela?"

"Mr. Gu, Miss Angela stood in the doorway for ten minutes, but now, she is in the back yard of the hotel, " replied the bodyguard.

"She stood in the doorway for ten minutes? Why?

What happened to her?" Arvin asked the bodyguard. He paid no attention to Nita.

Nita immediately replied, "Arvin, Angela asked them to take me away. I don't know what happened."

"Then take her away!" Arvin interrupted Nita bluntly before she could finish talking, turned around and walked away.

Rosa saw Arvin leaving so she hurried up to him and asked, "Arvin, it's a little crowded in here. May I go out with you?"

Arvin glanced around the hundreds of people in the dinning hall, said nothing and strode ahead.

Rosa followed after Arvin to the back yard. It took Arvin almost three minutes to find Angela because he didn't know where she was exactly.

From a distance, Angela was seen pushing what seemed to look like a dark shadow into the swimming pool, who then screamed out as it fell in.

This startled Arvin, who walked closer only to find Angela in an unpleasant state. With a cold look in his eyes he asked, "Angela, who did this to you?"

Angela trembled in anger, furiously looked up at Arvin, ignored him and tightened the jacket the bodyguard had given her.

Arvin tore off Angela's suit jacket, and tossed it back to the bodyguard who was only wearing a shirt. Then he took off his own dark blue jacket, and put it on her.

In the swimming pool, Nita screamed out, "Help.... I can't... swim... Hum... Arvin... Help me..."

Rosa looked at Nita who was terrified and crying for help. This made her feel happy and she thought to herself, 'Sh

! Don't you find Miss Zhen's body sexually attractive?" Nita began to tear off her clothes as she starting to burn up.

At the sight of this, the bodyguard started feeling aroused. He was in his thirties, but no girl would marry him because he was a vulgar man.

How could one not be tempted by a situation like that? More importantly, Nita was Mr. and Mrs. Gu's enemy so it should be fine.

"Can you keep a secret for me?" The bodyguard's heart was racing, and he couldn't shift his eyes away from Nita's body.

Rosa opened her wallet and took out a stack of cash, "Take the money. Do as I say. We are in this together. You believe me now?"

At the temptation of money and sex, the bodyguard put the money into his pocket, took his jacket off, and laid Nita on the bed.

Rosa clenched her fists as she witnessed what was happening in front of her. "Nita now you can taste it too. Now you'll know how it feels to be with someone you don't like."

She took her phone out to record the incident at the crucial moment. In the end, she left quickly as she suppressed her nausea.

In the presidential suit

Angela finally had a hot shower. She put on a night gown, and walked out. Arvin was waiting for her with a bowl of hot ginger soup. Seeing Angela come out, he waved and said, "Come here, babe."

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