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   Chapter 221 Bring Nita Zhen to Me

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When Rosa Yin was together with Arvin in the past, it might have been apt for her to address them the same way Arvin did. However, even now she still called them brother and sister-in-law in front of Angela. Did she not know how to show Angela respect?

Rom Gu just slightly nodded his head. Lacey smiled and replied, "We just arrived too."

Lacey thought she'd better not intervene in their affairs, as she wasn't so clear about what was going on among Arvin, Angela and Rosa.

Arvin sat still and kept silent the whole time, but after Lacey had greeted Rosa, he suddenly asked, "Rosa, are you going to be Aron's girlfriend?"

His question puzzled Rosa. 'What did he mean by that?' she thought to herself. She then shook her head and answered honestly, "No."

Arvin then said, "Since you won't be married to our Gu family in the future, please don't address Rom and Lacey as brother and sister-in-law from now on. Otherwise Angela and Aron's future wife will have some misunderstanding."

Rosa's face changed after hearing that. Embarrassed, she then replied, "Well, I'm sorry. I'm used to addressing them like that. I will make sure to pay attention next time."

Was Rosa always obedient to everyone, or was she just obedient to Arvin? Nonetheless, her existence made Angela feel quite unhappy.

Anyway, Angela felt better once Arvin had snapped at Rosa.

The Zhen family arrived just then. Nita looked the same as usual. The guests however, kept talking about the affair between her and Derrick Luo. Just as Arvin had expected, many people asked Finn Du when Nita would be getting married to Mr. Luo.

Hearing Derrick's name being mentioned around her all the time annoyed Nita. She asked to be excused and left her seat to go to the lady's room.

When she arrived at the door, Nita noticed a familiar figure enter one of the toilets.

The door was closed, and so they couldn't see each other.

Nita noticed there was a water bucket in the lady's room left by the cleaner with some water in it still. She grinned and came up with a devious idea.

In the toilet, Angela finished and tidied her clothes, then she pushed the button to flush.

As soon as she opened the door, a shower of rain poured down on her. No, that couldn't have been rain! She was in the toilet, where would the rain come from?

She raised her head and

ther woman to pass her the message.

'What? Arvin is happily chatting away with his fiancee? He has no time to care about my business?' repeated Angela in her mind.

She grit her teeth in anger and tried to calm down. This was Baron Li and Cheryl Ren's wedding ceremony. She wouldn't want to come off as unruly in public.

At that time, one of the concerned bodyguards hiding in the corner went over to her and asked, "Mrs. Gu, what's the matter? What can I do to help you?" The man was Arvin's bodyguard.

The bodyguards working for Arvin addressed Angela as Mrs. Gu, while Sven's bodyguards always addressed her as Angela or Miss Si.

"Yes. The ceremony will be soon over. When it is finished, please bring Nita Zhen to me" instructed Angela. Angela glared at Arvin who was still talking to Rosa. It must have been all his fault. He must have had provoked Nita for her to act in such a way.

Now, she was stood outside the hall, suffering from cold because of Nita's ploy and yet there he was having a happy conversation with Rosa inside.

Angela became unreasonable as she started fuming with rage.

Nita and Rosa had said many things to stir up trouble between Arvin and her. Now that her mind was filling up with all those words. She couldn't help but wonder whether Arvin had really forgotten Rosa or not.

Arvin was always so patient with Rosa compared to how he had treated other women.

Take Nita as an example. He could be so impatient with Nita.

When the ceremony was over, the bodyguard immediately went into the hall and got Nita out.

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