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   Chapter 220 Hello, Brother Rom And Sister-in-law Lacey!

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'Nita has to marry Derrick, or no one else in the upper society would marry her because of the photos that were leaked', thought Finn.

"I will never marry him! Never!" Nita shouted frantically. Her eyes were getting dull which was an indication of her metal disorder.

Suddenly Nita ran upstairs. Assuming that she might be sick again, James and Finn followed her with haste.

Upon entering her room, Nita locked the doors and called Rosa: "Rosa! Our plan has failed! Listen, do whatever you can to separate them or I can't promise what will happen to your child!"


Finn pounded on the door and said, "Nita, please open the door for mom." She was afraid that Nita might be getting sick again.

At the same time, James asked their servant to bring the spare key which he used to unlock the door.

In the bedroom, Nita was pulling her hair and trembling all over after the phone call with Rosa.

As Finn approached her, Nita paused for a moment and started laughing like a lunatic which shocked both Finn and James. Soon enough, Finn composed herself and ordered the servant behind her, "Go and get the medicine! Quickly!"

As soon as she got the medicine, Finn skilfully injected Nita with it like she had done many times before. Nita began to calm down gradually.

The wedding of Baron and Cheryl would be held on the next day. Angela held Arvin's arm as they attended the wedding together.

They came to the hotel at the proper time when half of the guests were already there waiting.

Their presence attracted the eyes of all the guests.

"Hey, look over there! It's Arvin and his wife", one girl said with excitement.

"Wow! Isn't she also the daughter of Chuck? She was born into a rich family." the other girl said with envy. In fact, there wasn't any woman amongst the guests that didn't envy Angela.

Another girl agreed, "Yes, she is blessed indeed. Mostly because she is loved by all three of the best doctors around."

"Look! Look at the ring on her finger! Oh, my God! It's definitely invaluable!" said a man. He was a manager who had been working in the j

the truth. Even though Lacey was almost 40 now, she looked 10 years younger because she made an effort to keep fit every day.

It's always nice to hear compliments. Having heard all the flattery, Lacey was really delighted about Angela's sincere compliments. With a smile on her face, she said to Arvin, "Angela is a good girl. When are you going to marry her? Don't let me wait for too long. I will prepare a big gift for you on that day."

While they were having a nice chat, a weak voice interrupted them, "Arvin, may I sit here?" asked Rosa.

Angela's smile faded away as soon as she heard Rosa's voice. 'Shameless woman!' she thought.

Angela sat between Lacey and Arvin and the seat next to Arvin was still vacant.

Rosa was standing in front of that vacant seat when she looked at Arvin with a gentle smile on her face.

After all, delicate Rosa was not as malicious as Nita. Arvin didn't refuse her directly. In a cold voice, he said, "If you have to."

Angela was irritated when she heard this. 'Can't he treat Rosa the same way he treats Nita? Isn't it easier to say no?' she thought to herself furiously.

But his cold attitude didn't upset Rosa at all. She sat there right away after his permission.

Then she turned to Lacey and Rom and greeted, " Hi, brother Rom and sister-in-law Lacey! Glad to see you here!"

Her words made everyone feel awkward and uncomfortable.

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