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   Chapter 219 Angela, Whose Woman Are You

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Arvin gritted his teeth as he looked at the locked door. He finally understood why this woman was so active tonight.

Angela intentionally ran away just moments before he was going to make his next move.

'Well done Angela, so you know how to fool me now!' thought Arvin.

He knocked at the door angrily and said in a hoarse voice, "Come out now and I'll forget what you've done to me."

She was the only person in this world who could toy with all his emotions.

"No way! You bullied me tonight! I am not coming out! I'll let you burn out with lust! Huh!" Angela leaned towards the door, and while cheerfully shaking her head, she touched the diamond ring on her finger.

Even though it was his fault, he had the courage to intimidate her and didn't allow her to get angry with him.

Angela was not one to admit defeat so easily.

Beads of sweat trickled out of Arvin's forehead. He rested his fist at the door and reminded her, "Angela, you should know that you won't be able to hide from me forever. Sooner or later, you'll fall into my hands."

... Angela felt like crying. She knew he was right about her not being able to hide from him her whole life. She sniffled, and felt helpless.

But she said, "Then, you should apologize to me now!"

Arvin replied, "... Why?"

"You don't need a reason to apologize to your wife!" She said with a discontented voice.

Arvin bitterly closed his eyes. He felt tormented and couldn't tolerate the feeling any longer. So he resorted to whatever he could do to make her come out. "I'm sorry, honey. It's my fault..."

Angela was delighted to hear him apologize. So much that she gladly opened the door at once.

As a result, she had foolishly put herself in a dangerous position.

That night, Angela was much more miserable than she usually ever was.

Even late at night, the deafening sound of pleadings pierced through from the bedroom.


The next morning, every media focused on the same piece of news.

No matter what newspaper, news channel, web page, or even on Weibo. They all had the same headline. "Nita Zhen, the authoritative expert in OB-GYN, spent the night at a hotel with a mysterious man."

"Nita Zhen, the Master of Medical Science, spent a night with her Mr. Right."

"The female specialist's two secretive days and nights with an unknown man."


In the pictures, Nita's face was very clear, however the face of the man next to her was blurred. But if

didn't love, of course he wouldn't have a problem making Nita marry Derrick.

In the Zhen family's house.

"Bang!" A classy, blue-and-white porcelain vase fell onto the floor and broke into pieces.

It hurt James Zhen's heart to see the broken vase on the floor. It was valued at around hundreds and thousands dollars.

But it was his own daughter who had broken it and so he wasn't able to utter a word to blame her.

Finn Du pulled her daughter aside to stop her from throwing the teapot, and said, "Nita, stop it! These are all of your father's precious belongings!"

"Leave me alone! I want to throw them away!" Nita gritted her teeth and yelled with resentment. She had been driven mad with jealousy.

The whole world was now aware of the fact that she had slept with Derrick. How could she possibly get together with Arvin? ...

"Bang!" The glass frame of the oil painting shattered to pieces as it was thrown to the floor.

James hastily dragged his daughter and scolded, "Nita, you've thrown away hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of items!" Hundreds and thousands! It was already a great deal of money for James.

"Let go of me! Why did Arvin have to treat me this way? All because of that Angela Si! It's all Angela Si's fault!", yelled Nita loudly. She had attempted to take her revenge on Angela many times, but Angela always had bodyguards protecting her. She never had the proper chance to do it.

"Nita, Derrick is quite good. It wouldn't be such a bad idea to marry him." Finn patiently persuaded her daughter. Her affair was already well known to others. Nita had no option but to marry Derrick.

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