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   Chapter 218 Because You Must Have Missed Her And She Just Came Back!

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7525

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Facing a dozen of delicate and costly dishes, Angela still didn't feel like eating. She wondered, 'Does Arvin really think that he is forgiven? Just like that? With no explanations?'

Actually, Arvin was going to tell her everything later.

But Angela was not patient enough to wait until then. Arvin knew that Angela couldn't really eat until she had gotten an explanation from him. So, he put his plate with thinly sliced steak in front of her and gently explained, "Angela, nothing has happened between Rosa and I on that day. She just happened to have a heart attack and I helped her, and that's it. It's Nita who made up stories about it because her purpose is to destroy our relationship. Understand?"

Arvin said that in a very casual manner as if it was of no big deal.

Angela, on the other hand, was still looking at him and waiting for him to say more. But there was no continuation...

Arvin couldn't understand why she was still looking at him and asked, "What are you still angry about?" For him, everything should have been solved after his explanation.

Angela remained quiet.

This thing had depressed her for such a long time, and now he expected that it would be solved by a brief explanation... In her mind, she thought, 'Am I that naive?' Then, she said, "Why should I believe you? You could have just made that up, too. Do you have any proof of your innocence?"

Arvin stopped cutting the steak, looked at her eyes dearly, and asked, "Will you agree to do whatever I want if I show you the proof?"

What would he ask Angela to do? Whatever it was, it shouldn't be hard for her to do. Angela wouldn't mind doing whatever he wanted her to do if Arvin could prove that nothing happened between Rosa and him. "No problem!" exclaimed she. Without any hesitation!

A devious beam flashed in Arvin's eyes, and then he called Kent, "Send me the surveillance video of Jianqiao Garden to my phone. I went there at around 7:00 PM on the 6th of this month."

Before Angela figured out what he was doing, he called Malik and ordered, "Send me the surveillance video of hospital emergency room at around 7:30 PM on the 6th of this month. You only have five minutes to get me that!"


When Arvin finished his phone call,


Arvin ignored her threat and still held her in the elevator. When they entered the apartment, Angela behaved like a gentle sheep.

Tiptoeing, she took Arvin's face between her hands and softly said, "Arvin... my dear love..."

Arvin's desire was triggered again by her words, so he tightened his arms which were around Angela's waist to bring her body closer to his.

Angela was very nervous, but she pretended to be calm. Loosening Arvin's tie, she said, "Honey, it's very late now. Let's go to bed."

"You're right, " Arvin agreed. 'We should move to the bed.' He planned in his mind.

Angela started unbuttoning his shirt after throwing his tie onto the sofa.

She was lifted by him again after she had unbuttoned the last one. He kicked open the bedroom door, put Angela on the soft velvet blanket, and lay on her.

She could hear his heavy breaths as his lips grazed her neck...

The bedroom seemed to have gotten hotter as they became more excited. Arvin's shirt was ripped off by Angela. So were his pants....

After a few minutes, Angela murmured, "I feel uncomfortable in this position. Let me ride you!"

Arvin rolled over, and soon, Angela was on top of him.

She observed his face and thought about escaping... Suddenly, she said, "Whoops, my feet hurt. Wait a moment!"

She slowly slid off the bed and pretended to check her feet. Then, she ran out of the bedroom in a flash.

She randomly entered a room and locked the door before Arvin caught her.


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