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   Chapter 217 Why The Hell Could Angela Possess Arvin's Love

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The platinum rim of the ring was mounted with deep blue diamonds. In the middle, it was set with a big, rare and expensive Tahitian black pearl, surrounded by a lot of small diamonds as well.

The black pearl had a mysterious gleam under the light, which attracted everyone's attention.

Arvin had, in fact, arranged for someone to find this black pearl before he had registered his marriage with Angela.

It took him a long time to find this rare Tahitian black pearl. That was why he hadn't given Angela the ring until now. He had tried every means to select the most exquisite one among all the Tahitian black pearls just to make this ring for Angela.

In the end, he managed to purchase this steep-priced pearl from a royal British family. The origin of the deep blue diamonds was in Siberia. It's of excellent cut, done by diamond cutters in Antwerp. These precious stones were delivered to J City only a few days ago.

When the pearl and the diamonds had arrived, Arvin immediately spent a great deal of money, putting a bunch of professional workers to work on assembling the ring, so that he could give it to his beloved woman at a proper time.

Angela was dumbfounded. Arvin took the ring from her hand and put it on her ring finger. It was of the right size, too.

Arvin initially wanted to put the ring, which was a symbol of their love and marriage, on her finger at a romantic moment and place, but now since something urgent had happened, he had to do it in advance.

He lowered his head to kiss her fingers and said, "Honey, let's go back home."

Angela was still in shock after seeing the ring. She hadn't come back to her senses yet. In a daze, she was led toward the door by Arvin.

Arvin's rare gentle and caring look on his face dumbfounded all the women on the scene.

When the mansion's door opened, Nita Zhen shouted loudly, "Arvin, you can't go with Angela!" How could Angela get Arvin's favor?

Because of Angela, even as emotionless as he was, Arvin made great efforts to get the thing she was fond of, at any cost.

Because of Angela, as low-key as he was, Arvin announced their marriage on Microblog and showed off their love in public.

Because of Angela, as cold as he was, Arvin spoiled her with su

that would definitely make her sad...

As she was still contemplating on whether she should wear the ring everyday or not, the car steadily stopped.

She assumed that they had arrived home. When she saw Arvin unfasten his seatbelt, she unfastened hers, too.

After she got out of the car, she found that they were in front of the most luxurious restaurant in J City.

Angela had been here several times before. It required a prior reservation of a few days, and its course meals were very expensive. The price of some of the dishes was equal to a month's salary of the average wage.

Angela stood still. Arvin then strode over and pressed her against the car again, placing his arms on both sides of her body.'

He then supported himself with one hand on the car and the other hand in his trousers pocket, and wearing a handsome, cool, but evil look, he asked, "What? Did you want me to eat you first, before dinner?"

Facing Arvin's seduction, Angela couldn't help but give in again. She smiled and said, "No, no, let's have dinner first."

After they had entered the restaurant, Angela then knew that Arvin reserved the whole place for themselves.

The restaurant was decorated especially for them, and it was filled with the aroma of roses.

Some managers came and personally served their table.

A musician started to play the cello, and a melodious sound echoed all throughout the hall. The dishes were already prepared, so they were immediately served upon their arrival.

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