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   Chapter 216 You Want Me to Forgive You with A Hollow Pearl

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6000

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"Angela, Arvin doesn't love you at all. If he loves you, he wouldn't have had sex with me."

"Do you know why Arvin married you without even proposing to you and giving you a ring? Because he had already proposed to me and bought me a ring... He doesn't care about you. You are his second woman. Proposing to you or giving you a ring is not important to him."

"Before I came back, Nita stood in your way to winning Arvin's heart. But from now on, I also won't let you live a happy life with him. You'd better wise up and get divorced from Arvin..." Rosa said insincerely. She knew these words would hurt Angela's heart....

But she had to say them.

Angela went pale, very pale. She bit her lip hard. When her lip was about to bleed, her bodyguards brought Nita to her, all tied up. Finn followed after and started to curse loudly when she saw Angela.

When Arvin arrived, Nita immediately put on a mask of fear. But before that, she was complacent and arrogant.

She haughtily told Angela, "I've told you that everything men say is bullshit. Arvin doesn't love you! See, Arvin had sex with Rosa as soon as she came back."

"He also promised Rosa that she could move back to Jianqiao Garden! Angela, you were born in a rich family. Don't you know that successful men always have more than one woman?"


Didn't Angela know that? In her eyes, she believed Arvin was not that kind of man!

'The bite mark on Arvin's hand was left by Rosa on purpose, right?' she thought.

Rosa had teamed up with Nita to ruin Angela's marriage. Angela tried hard to fight them off.

At that time, she was waiting for Arvin. She wanted to listen to his explanation.

When Angela slapped Rosa's face again, Sansa rushed to her like a madwoman. Fortunately, Angela's bodyguards stopped her. S

that pearl at night in a romantic restaurant. But things had changed.

Open it? Angela rolled the pearl on her palm, but she didn't know how to open it.

Finally, she became a little annoyed and threw it back to Arvin. "I won't open it!" 'Why was he playing tricks on me?'

However, when the pearl collided with Arvin's chest, it broke into two parts.

Angela reached out her hands in a hurry to catch the broken pearl. But something had fallen out of it...

When Angela picked the item up, everyone was surprised.

The thing was... precious. It was definitely worth a lot of money.

If the pearl was worth about 1.8 billion yuan with the labor cost included, that item, the diamond ring, was worth at least... 800 million... dollars!

Everything Arvin designed was extraordinary.

Rosa was in a stupor. Nita clenched her fists, and her bloodshot eyes were brimming with rage and jealousy.

Rosa and Nita were both a part of the upper class. They had seen a lot of precious things, but it was their first time to see such an extravagant and expensive ring.

The ring was made of pearls and diamonds. What surprised everyone most was the quality of these pearls and diamonds.

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