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   Chapter 215 She Burst into Our House with Her Bodyguards and Slapped Rosa

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 9311

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Of course, she didn't plan on staying here for too long. At present the first thing on her mind was to find a job so that she and her daughter wouldn't starve.

"You can stay here for as long as you need. It won't be any trouble because Nancy and I seldom come here. I will tell our servant to come here to help with the housework." Angela felt sorry for her and her terrible marriage, especially now that she had become a single mom.

Swelling with gratitude, Mandy reached out for Angela's hands and said, "Thank you so much, Angela. If it weren't for you, we would be sleeping on the streets tonight." She went broke after the divorce and literally couldn't afford a hotel right now.

"That's all right. You take good care of your daughter and please don't hesitate to call me if you needed anything." As she said that, Angela looked down at her watch to check the time. Arvin should be on his way home right now. It's time she headed back.

Noticing her gesture, Mandy sensed that Angela might have wanted to leave soon. "It looks like you are in a hurry. Can't wait to see your husband, huh?" Though her eyes were still red and swollen from the crying, she had calmed down and was in a lighter mood.

"Yeah." Angela smiled back sheepishly. She remembered that Arvin told her to come home early this morning and wait for him there.

Her face glowed at the thought of her husband. The sight of which would make every woman jealous, because that's what it looked like to be in love.

Mandy patted Angela on the shoulder and said, "Angela, I hope you will always be so happy as you are right now. Mr. Gu is a good man. Hold on to him!"

Touched by her words, Angela pulled Mandy near and gave her a hug. "I will!" Mandy's judgement on Arvin had echoed with hers - he was indeed a good man. Angela had been with him long enough to know that she had picked the right guy.

After saying goodbye to Mandy, Angela walked out of the apartment, got into the CR Arvin had bought her, and then raced toward Shengfeng Mansion.

It felt conspicuous to drive a CR super car, but Angela decided to bear the burden because she couldn't stand taking a cab every time she had to go somewhere anymore.

She could buy a new car, one that caught less attention on the streets. But it would still leave the problem unsolved - what about this super expensive car? She couldn't just let it rot in the garage.

Plus, she got the car fair and square, as a gift from her husband. Why should she get so stressed out about driving it out?

After weighing out the pros and cons in her head, Angela finally decided to take the car out for daily use.

Quite a few messages came in while she was driving. 'It must be Arvin, ' she thought. She waited until she got to a crossroad with a red ligh

t him, even though all the evidence is pointing against his words?' Angela thought to herself.

Rosa bit her lip nervously and glanced over at Nita, who was obviously shocked by what had happened. Determined to stick to their plan, Rosa insisted, "Arvin, you know what happened, why won't you admit it? You said that you loved me, and that you would divorce Angela for me! And..."

"Enough!" Arvin's face became darker and his voice dead cold.

A jerk of the hand shook him - Angela was trying to break loose from his grip. Arvin let go of her hand. As soon as she was free, Angela sprang over to Rosa and gave her a resounding slap on the face.

A painful cry followed. This was the second slap Rosa had received from Angela.

Back when Angela had just got into the house, she strode forward and slapped Rosa across the face as soon as she spotted her. "You bitch. I never thought you are so shameless. Arvin and I are married now. What's wrong with you? Throwing yourself at him and trying to steal him away from me!"

Though hit hard, Rosa was not enraged. Instead, she only hid her face in sorrow, which came as a surprise to Angela.

Angela felt frustrated. But the sheer thought of what had happened between Rosa and Arvin got her riled up again, so she pressed, "Why aren't you speaking right now?

Rosa, your relationship with Arvin is over! You were gone for seven years. I am sorry but a relationship can't survive like that. Why would you want to come back now and sabotage other people's happiness?"

Angela had just gotten married with Arvin. What was happening now was a lot for her to take in.

Stretching her hand to Sansa, who was also agitated, Rosa replied, "Yes, you're right. Arvin and I have had our chance. But now I just want to give it another shot. There is still a chance that I can win him back, isn't there?"

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