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   Chapter 214 I Thought You Were A Cop

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7332

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Angela's anger had affected the innocent. She stared at Arvin angrily and said, "It was your good pal that hurt my bestie. You ought to teach him a lesson!"

"..." "What happened?" asked Arvin. Arvin grasped Angela's hand as she was leaving, and caressed it.

Stanley said in a plain voice, "The investigation is still ongoing but it's almost done." The text could not have been sent by him at all, because the time showed that it was sent yesterday afternoon. He was at a meeting at that time, and the phone was being charged in his office. There were two possibilities: First, that someone had slipped into his office and used his phone when he was at the meeting. Second, that his phone was infected with a virus.

He had already detained Grace for intentional assault.

After the investigation, if the results showed that it was indeed her, he definitely would not let Grace go for hurting his woman and his baby.

Angela tried to rush forward and hit Stanley again, but Arvin stopped her and said, "Don't worry, at least wait until the investigation result comes out."

After all they were good pals. They knew each other very well.

Angela stared back at Arvin, "Don't you stick up for him. It is because of him that Nancy was lying in the ward!" She pointed at Stanley and said, "Even if he and Grace had nothing going on between them, Nancy almost lost her baby because of him." As for Grace, Angela would surely make her pay for what she had done.

"Yeah, it was because of me. It was all my fault. Angela, please, ask Nancy to try and cheer up, even if she won't forgive me, okay?"

Angela was still agitated. "How do you expect someone to cheer up after they had found out that their fiancé and their sister were having an affair?", she shouted at Stanley, "Stanley, do you know how Grace had treated Nancy before?" asked Angela. "And you allowed Grace to be near her!

Not to mention our past history together, when Nancy and I got hurt because of Grace and her mother! They paid off the mob to take Nancy's life!" Angela found out later when Nancy had told her. She had advised Nancy to be careful when meeting Grace.

When the criminals were caught they committed

n attempt on Angela and Nancy.

This time, Grace would not be able to get away. Whether it was Nancy or Stanley, they would not let her escape.

Angela had been busy these past few days. She went to visit Nancy everyday and also received Mandy.

Angela looked at the woman who was crying and blowing her nose, so she handed her some tissue papers, "So, you just got divorced?"

Mandy was divorced, and she was not entitled to any property from her divorce. Just as the saying goes, dogs can't change the fact that they eat feces. Her husband continued to subject her domestic violence and cheat on her.

She had two children. The boy was with her husband Spencer, and the girl was with her. So, Mandy cried in the living room with a broken heart, while the child slept unsoundly in the bedroom.

"Hmm, the woman even has his baby... It has been seven months... We can't go on like this, " said Mandy. The divorce must have been like a liberation for Mandy.

Angela's rage suddenly surged, "That Spencer, I'll teach him a lesson!"

She took her phone at hand as she said that, looking to find someone to beat Spencer.

"You don't have to do that, Angela. Now I don't have many friends, so I have no choice but to come to you. Thank you for having me for at least a while, " said Mandy. Mandy's friends were mostly from the 'middle-class'. If she came to them with a child, it would bring a lot of trouble. Only Angela was capable of helping her.

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