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   Chapter 213 She is Angry

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Coyly, Lulu dawdled for a while and gathered up the courage to ask, "I want to ask you something, but please don't tell anyone else!"

Though perplexed, Angela still nodded, "Okay."

Lulu stammered, "Um... sister-in-law... are you... familiar with Scott Bo?" She had heard that Chuck Si's family, Harry Si's family, the Shao family, and the Bo family in C Country were quite different from any other big families in other places. Generally speaking, it was common for big families in the same country to have conflicts with each other. However, in C Country, those four big families had a very strong and good relationship with each other.

"Scott Bo? Of course, I know him! That brat! He's a few days younger than me, but he never treats me as his elder!" Upon mentioning Scott, Angela curled her lips with discontent.

"Really? Then, do you know whether... he has a girlfriend or not?" asked Lulu.

'Girlfriend?' Angela thought about it, and then she answered, "I think... he does have one. I have seen him take a girl to the hospital. And when they came out, he was carrying the girl in his arms."

"Oh... really?" Lulu felt upset. It seemed like she was about to cry. "So he has a girlfriend... Of course, he does. A man like him could easily get a girl, " said Lulu gloomily.

Angela hadn't noticed Lulu's emotions and echoed her words, "Yes, you're right. All those handsome and brilliant men have their own significant others!"

For example, her dear Big Wing... Angela felt delighted to think that she was Arvin's girl.

Lulu felt heartbroken, and she really wanted to cry. Her first love was already taken by someone else.

Then, Arvin knocked on the door and took Angela away. During the whole conversation, Angela was so ignorant that she hadn't realized why Lulu mentioned Scott all of a sudden.

Closing the door, Arvin lowered his head to kiss her lips and said, "Go, Grandma wants to see you."

There was nobody in the corridor, so Angela boldly wrapped her arms around his waist and asked, "Why?"

"I don't know. Just go. I'll wait for you in our bedroom." Arvin then escorted Angela to Lily Mei's bedroom and went back to his own bedroom.

In Lily's bedroom, Lily had already prepare

t seemed like they were flirting with each other.

Stanley explained to Nancy that he had no idea what had happened to his phone, but Nancy didn't believe him, so they started to quarrel. Their quarrel became more and more intense as time went by. Then, Stanley asked his men to bring Grace over to explain to Nancy.

When Grace was brought over, she said that she and Stanley were in an affectionate relationship. She also asked Nancy to stop being the third wheel.

Nancy was so distressed that her emotions affected her pregnancy.

Fortunately, she was sent to the hospital in time, so the baby was safe now. But she had to lie in bed for a couple of months.

It was Grace's fault again! Angela was infuriated after having heard the whole story. She asked, "So have you already investigated the truth behind their messages?"

Nancy shook her head. "No. But the evidence is there. Do I need to investigate?" She believed what she had seen with her own eyes.

Angela didn't say anything and made Nancy lie down in bed again. She then rushed out of the ward. "Angela!" Nancy shouted, but Angela had already opened the door. She flew her fist toward Stanley's chest.

Angela punched him with her full strength. Stanley took the hit and only frowned, not doing anything else.

Holding Nancy's medical record in his hands, Arvin strode over and held Angela's fist, saying, "What's wrong? Why did you do it yourself? Just tell me whomever you want to teach a lesson."

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