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   Chapter 212 Angela is a Nice Girl

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Lulu felt aggrieved. "Why, Brother? Can't I look at her?"

Confused, Angela glanced at Lulu and found that she was really staring at her. She quickly touched her face and wiped her mouth. "Do I have something on my face?"

Arvin swallowed the food and slowly told her, "No, she is just jealous of your beauty."

Upon hearing Arvin's words, everyone at the table was speechless.

Beauty really was in the eyes of the beholder.

With a red face, Angela pinched Arvin, the mean man. Then, she muttered, "What do you mean? Lulu is very beautiful, okay?"

The Gu family had excellent genes, evident with all the three handsome sons and the gorgeous Lulu.

When she heard Angela's praise, Lulu smiled shyly. "Sister-in-law, you are so much nicer than my brother!"

After Lulu's words, Arvin raised his eyebrows and placed a skinned mantis shrimp in front of Angela. Then, he replied, "Your honest words are worthy of praise."

Lulu rolled her eyes.

At that moment, Aron, who was sitting silently next to them, suddenly put down his bowl and chopsticks. Then, he glared at Arvin. "Brother, I know you're lucky to have gotten married to Angela, but don't rub it in front of us single people!"

... Angela was shocked. She didn't think that Arvin was lucky to have her.

Arvin then put down his chopsticks and coldly looked at his brother. "I know you used to be fond of Angela. She is now your sister-in-law. Keep your jealousy to yourself."

Everyone was too shocked to say a word.

Wasn't Arvin overestimating... her charm? Angela tugged at Arvin's cuff awkwardly. Then, she opened her mouth and asked, "What are you saying? Aron... Brother-in-law has never made a move on me, okay? "

Aron chuckled at his brother's overprotectiveness. "You guys really make a cute couple. I am too scared to look at Angela in that way."

He admitted that when he met Angela for the first time, he was really attracted by her cute charm and liveliness. And he did intend to do something to win her affection.

But when his brother told him that he once saw Angela... in the washroom, he gave up his intention i

lt, it would be meaningless to show off affection.

Her brother was so silly.

Aron glared at his younger sister and said, "Eat your dinner! You talk too much. We're all waiting for you to finish eating!"

He was right. Even Angela, who was always the last one to finish eating, also took her last mouthful of soup. Lulu, then, hastily ate her dinner after realizing it.

Angela enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere at the dining table. She felt at home.

In her house in C Country, if Sven and she were at the table, they were also like this.

After dinner, Angela went to Lulu's bedroom when Lulu was on the phone.

With permission, Angela opened the door and found Lulu was putting on make-up. Then, she curiously asked, "It is already late. Are you still going out? "

"Yeah, I'm leaving for the UK soon, so I'm going to hang out with some friends. Would you like to go with me?" Lulu had to follow her parents' wish for her to study in the UK.

Angela shook her head. "Thanks for asking, but I think I'll pass." She didn't like going out with strangers.

"Well, okay then!" Lulu replied with great regret.

"Why were you staring at me during dinner? Do you have anything to say to me?" Angela asked her.

Thinking of her question just now, Lulu suddenly became a little uncomfortable.

Angela was puzzled at her expression for she had never seen a shy Lulu before. "What's the matter?"

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