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   Chapter 211 The Feeling Of Being The Third Wheel

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7060

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Angela was almost fully submerged in the bathwater, but Arvin pulled her toward him with his strong arms.

Fondling the smooth skin around her waist, he realized how much he missed her.

Arvin passionately made love to Angela several times, so she was too tired to get up the following morning. But Arvin helped her get dressed, wash her face, and rinse her mouth. He felt like he was looking after a baby.

Then, Angela's parents went to the airport with them. Daisy prepared many gifts for Arvin's family. She told Angela, "Angela, you need to remember that this gift is for Arvin's grandmother, those gifts are for Arvin's parents, and that gift is for Arvin's sister..."

Angela leaned against the seat and nodded, again and again...

But she could barely remember what Daisy had said.

Arvin held Angela up and responded on behalf of her, "Yes, Mom. I will remember everything you've said, and I'll send your regards to my family."

Daisy nodded with satisfaction. Chuck pinched Angela's cheek and asked, "Angela, why are you so tired?"

"Umm... I spent too much time playing games last night..." Angela answered automatically. She made up an excuse, and thankfully, it worked.

Chuck shook his head in resignation and said, "Arvin, you should be strict to her. Don't spoil her too much, and don't let her manipulate you!"

Arvin smiled, "Dad, take it easy. Angela is obedient."

Before Angela was allowed to go to sleep last night, she did everything Arvin had asked. Arvin was very satisfied with her performance.

"That's right. I'm obedient!" Angela mumbled drowsily.

Angela was obedient? Chuck couldn't believe what he heard and said, "Oh, okay. Please take care of her. Don't let anyone hurt her..." As a dad, Chuck couldn't help reminding them about these things over and over. He thought to himself, 'People indeed get more talkative and quite annoying with age.'

Parents would still treat their children with love and care, even when their children had become adults and had their own families.

Daisy was sure that Arvin would take good care of Angela, so she tugged at C

ing of being the third wheel who interfered in their relationship came to Angela's mind.

Angela sat on the passenger seat unhappily. Then, Arvin drove the car away.

From the rearview mirror, Angela saw Rosa slowly squat down on the street, holding her head in her hands. Rosa seemed very sad...

"She..." Angela broke the silence in the car, but she didn't continue.

To pacify Angela, Arvin reached out to hold her hand.

It was miraculous that he comforted her, even without saying anything.

When they arrived home, all the family members were sitting at the table for dinner.

Lily pulled Angela to her side and let her sit down. She picked up a piece of meat using her chopsticks and placed it on Angela's plate. She smiled and said, "Angela, eat some more. You have to be healthy, so you can get pregnant. I really want a grandchild."

A grandchild... A child... Angela's face softened when she heard Lily's words. She also wanted to have a child with Arvin!

She accepted Lily's kindness and ate up all what Lily had put on her plate.

Arvin smiled. After she ate up all the food on her plate, he started to give her more.

Lulu rolled her eyes. She took a mouthful food and then raised her head to look at Angela. Later, she repeated that.

Angela didn't know that Lulu was looking at her. But Arvin said without looking up, "Lulu, why are you looking at my wife like that?"

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