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   Chapter 210 Physical Experiment

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6906

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He didn't allow Angela to take contraceptives. Then, why hadn't Angela gotten pregnant yet?

Angela had no idea about what he was thinking about. Her face turned red, and she threw his hands off her, "Don't lie to me! You have a fiancée, and I won't get pregnant!"

Arvin's facial expression changed upon hearing what she said. He told Angela gravely, "Angela, you are already my wife, and Rosa is not my fiancée anymore!"

"Watch your tone! Don't talk to me like that! I didn't say anything wrong! You have a fiancée, and now, you are being mean to me!"

Arvin said nothing when Angela criticized him.

He wrapped her into his arms and said, "I'm sorry, babe! Calm down."

"Am I wrong?" Angela took his left hand with the bite mark and said, "If a man bites my hand and left a mark, what would you do?"


What would Arvin do? Of course, Arvin would punish him severely! He would even pull out all his teeth! If necessary, Arvin would pull out the man's tongue!

Just like Randal, that man wouldn't be able to speak anymore, nor would he be able to have sex with any women in future! That was the punishment Arvin had in mind.

At that moment, Angela looked very charming in her makeup. Her red lips lured Arvin.

He couldn't stop himself from kissing her seductive lips, "Babe, I promise it will never happen again!"

However, she pushed him away at once, "I want you to promise that you will never get close to Rosa!" And she continued, "Do not ever contact with her without my permission! Can you promise that?"

Angela was not jealous, but she was afraid of what Rosa's appearance could do.

Rosa was totally different from Nita. Angela knew that Arvin didn't like Nita at all. Therefore, she was not worried about Nita destroying their relationship.

But as for Rosa, Arvin must have liked her a little bit. Otherwise, he wouldn't have gotten engaged to her!

In addition, she had a heart disease, so she might take advantage of it to get close to Arvin...

"Okay, I promise you." He would make any promise to make her happy.


Kent asked his men to break into Nita's house, and they found a lot of antipsychotic drugs.

The patient with a mental illness could do harm to others, destroy things, and act strangely, and hallucinate...

Arvin was totally aware of that, so he said in a low voice, "Never let Adam and Nita out of your sight. It's important for us to find evidence of their crime."

If they hid Rosa for seven years, they must have also done crimes.

After hanging up the phone, Arvin looked back and found that Angela was not in the bedroom. Then, he found Angela in the bathroom, taking a bath.

"Oh, my god! What are you doing here?" Angela's face turned red. Luckily, the bubbles and petals covered her up.

Arvin said nothing, but took off his tie and threw it away.

When he walked to the bathtub, he had undone all the buttons of his shirt, "We're going to have a serious conversation since you went to the masquerade ball tonight without my permission."

Then, slowly, he removed his shirt, belt, and pants...

Angela got a little frightened, "But you just said we are even!"

'It's very difficult to... comfort Arvin when he is jealous!'

"Yes, I said that, but you didn't agree!"

Angela was speechless right now. She regretted it so much! 'Why didn't I say yes? Why?' She could do nothing but let Arvin walk into the bathtub and take her into his arms.

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