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   Chapter 209 I'm not A Rabbit

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Daisy paused and glanced at Angela. "I know it's a masquerade ball, " she said.

Angela was still indulging in the sweetness of Arvin's considerate behaviour. But when she heard him ask the question to her mother, she immediately had a bad feeling about it. She quickly reacted and showed her loyalty to Arvin, "I just went there for fun. I swear, I had no other intentions!"

Arvin smiled at her and said, "Eat the noodles. Mom's noodles are delicious."

He called Daisy "mom" in a way even more intimate than Angela ever did, as if he was Daisy's biological son.

Angela had guessed Arvin's intention, so she didn't eat the noodles, but moved the bowl back to Arvin, saying, "Please eat it. My mom's noodles are indeed very delicious!"

She really went there for fun. Was he bothered by it?

Daisy was confused at their interaction and asked, "What's going on between you two?"

Arvin picked up a slice of chicken and fed it to Angela, stopping her from speaking. Then he said, "Mom, the masquerade ball tonight is for single women and men, but Angela went to attend it. Does she even love me?"

"What? Angela! You're already married. How could you attend a ball for matchmaking?" scolded Daisy.

"..." He didn't say the words 'matchmaking'.

Angela was speechless, as well.

Arvin Gu! He didn't need to teach her a lesson, especially when Daisy was in front of them.

Angela was discontent with her mother. She was her own daughter. Why couldn't she justify her shortcomings like Arvin did?

"I really just went there to have some fun." To banish their doubts, Angela had to repeat her words again. She almost wanted to swear to a god.

Arvin gripped her hand, and while wearing a seemingly affectionate look, he said, "Angela, if you're unhappy with me, please do tell me. I will correct my mistakes. Please don't abandon your new husband. Okay?"

... Arvin was really... a sly fox!

Arvin was a cold and arrogant man in most people's eyes. Daisy thought so, too! But now, this arrogant man treated her daughter so tenderly, which made Daisy completely believe that it was all Angela's fault.

She scolded her daughter again, "Angela! Are you even aware that you've just married? Look, Arvin behaves so well and doesn't join this kind

gain, what will you do?" Angela didn't let him off easily and continued to ask.

Arvin laughed and smoothened her hair, saying, "It won't happen. It's just a house. It's not that serious."

Angela slapped his hand away and sternly warned him, "Don't touch me!"

"..." She was wearing a stern, composed, and calm look on her face now.

It seemed that it was the first time that Arvin had seen her like this.

"She still loves you! She wants you back! Otherwise, she wouldn't have gone to Jianqiao Garden!" Women were more sensitive about love.

Arvin knew Rosa's feelings for him. He didn't try to hide it from Angela, yet he didn't want upset her by telling her the whole thing, so he said, "I have nothing to do with whomever she loves. You are the only one I love!"

"Huh! You're her fiancé. Of course, you have everything to do with her! And, you are the director of a hospital! You have good social abilities. You know how to speak to different people. Maybe you're making Rosa hope for something more!" Unlike him, Angela thought of herself as stupid and incapable of proper communication.

Arvin wasn't annoyed by Angela's fuss, but instead, he patiently coaxed her, "Remember, from now on, I have only one identity, in front of you and everyone else. I am your husband. Understand? But if you wish, I will be more than happy to have one more identity."

"One more identity? What's that?"

"Your child's father!" Finishing his words, Arvin took her hand and started to feel her pulse.

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