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   Chapter 208 A Boy Toy

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"Angela, stop pretending to be aloof. Get off your high horse, you whore!" Randal couldn't rival Angela in other ways. He could only try to ruin her reputation.

His reproach drew the attention of the crowd. They then started gossiping about Angela.

Hearing this, Angela shut her eyes in anger, walked toward Randal, and grabbed his tie firmly.

Amazed at what she did, the onlookers exclaimed, "My goodness! Miss Si is such a... tough woman!"

With the crowd watching, Angela grabbed Randal's collar and pushed him against the railing at the bow of the ship, glaring, "Apologize to me! Out loud!"

"I would never apologize to you!" Randal held a deep grudge against Angela. She was the reason why Arvin targeted him, making it difficult for him to find any job, so he ended up being kept by a rich woman as her boy toy... How could he apologize to the woman who had made his life so miserable?

"Well, well... If you won't apologize, then I'll throw you into the sea and make you into shark bait!" One third of Randal's body was already out of the ship when Angela gave him a hard push.

He started to panic and tried to fight back, but in vain. After all, Angela was better at this than he was.

"What happened, Angela?" Nicole asked. She only saw the commotion after she got out of the restroom.

"Everything's okay, Nicole. I was just bitten by this dog!" Angela said casually, without loosening her grip.

Nicole nodded and cast a look at the man being grabbed by Angela, "Angela, you just insulted dogs by calling him one. Since he dared bite you, throw him out of here!" Her voice was soft but decisive. After all, she was the famous daughter of Harry Si, the elder sister of Daniel Si, and the wife of Sven Si!

Each of the three men related to her was powerful enough to put Randal at the bottom of the sea.

Angela nod

y in the kitchen preparing food for Arvin, as she heard that he came here without having dinner, yet.

Soon, a bowl of homemade noodles and two dishes were ready on the table. Arvin told Daisy, "Thanks, Mom."

Hearing Arvin call her "mom", Daisy smiled with satisfaction.

Of course, she was happy. She knew there were two dark horses in the medical field. One was her biological son, and the other her son-in-law!

"Mom, don't you see I am also here? Why don't you have any noodles for me?" Seeing that her mom had no intention of bringing her any food, Angela told her bluntly.

Daisy asked in doubt, "Didn't you have dinner? Weren't you there at the ball? Weren't there any nibbles?"

"There were, but I had none!" Angela said frankly.

"Why didn't you have some? It's your fault that you're hungry."

Angela replied, "Mom, who is your biological child? Arvin or me? I'll protest together with Sven!" She pounded the table in disapproval.

Daisy rolled her eyes at her daughter and told the maid in the kitchen, "Qin, cook the remaining noodles for Angela."

"Yes, Madame."


Arvin put his untouched bowl of noodles before Angela and asked Daisy, "Mom, do you know the ball Angela attended tonight?"

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