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   Chapter 207 The Ex-girlfriend that I've Dumped

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7887

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Nicole Si... When the manager found out about her identity, he felt embarrassed and immediately stood aside.

Nicole tittered. Janet was the SL Group CEO's wife! If they knew who Janet was, the men around them would definitely run away.

Another man came over to introduce himself, "Hello, pretty girls! My name is Steven, a surgical specialist of the Chengyang Private Hospital." In many people's eyes, it was a very dignified thing to be a member of large enterprises, such as the SL Group or the Chengyang Hospital, not to mention being a senior executive of these companies.

Hearing the man's self-introduction, Selina Bo smiled and said, "Well, what a coincidence! This woman standing next to me is the daughter of Chuck Si!"

'What? Angela Si?' Steven marvelled. His eyes widened with desire. But when he remembered the hot topic on the internet that she had registered her marriage with Arvin Gu a few days ago, Steven immediately stepped back.

"Hello, beauties. I'm XX, the chief lawyer of XX law firm in C Country, " accosted another man.

Nicole turned around to look at Sally and said, "Sister, has your husband received his Golden-lawyer Cup?"

'Golden-lawyer Cup? Among the whole C Country, only Samuel Shao and Jerry Shao have this award.

Is she Jerry Shao's wife?' wondered the man. Holding his glass of champagne, the man retreated at once, embarrassed.

A manager of a large enterprise, the wife of a golden-lawyer awardee, a gifted doctor's wife... All the men dared not go close to them anymore, especially when they found out who these women were.

But a man in the crowd, holding a glass of red wine, decided to give it a shot. He bravely stepped forward and said, "Hello, nice to meet you. I'm the captain of the police station in C Country."

'A police captain?' Angela rolled her eyeballs and leaned her head toward Selina, saying, "Selina, where's your husband, the Senior Colonel? Did he come with you?"

"No, he's quite busy with his military unit. But he'll come to pick me up later, " answered Selina.

'Senior Colonel? Her husband?' In the end, there was not a single man around them.

After all the men went away from them, quite a lot of women came over to flatter these five honorable women.

The opening dance of the ball was over, and another dancing performance followed. The five women finally ma

tupid to have ever fancied him in the past.

'One hundred thousand? Hundreds of thousands? It's not that much!' thought Randal. His facial expressions changed with his thoughts. In the end, he gathered up the courage to say, "Five hundred thousand! Pay for it!"

'Five hundred thousand ?' Did he really take Angela for a fool who knew nothing about the price of a suit?

It was true that she wasn't an expert in fashion. But she had an idea of what the price of a suit was, Since she was surrounded by men - her father, her brother, and Arvin.

Her father and Arvin were both very picky with clothes. Each of the suits they wore was valued hundreds of thousands, or even a million.

But the quality of Randal's suit... Nope! Regardless of the quality, if Randal could afford a five-hundred thousand suit, he wouldn't have any interest in talking nonsense with her here.

Angela then answered, "Okay! I'll give you three options. One, you go and talk to Chuck Si. Two, go and talk to Sven Si. Three, go and talk to my husband. You can go to them and pick up any of their suits to compensate for yours. What do you think?" Would Randal dare to do so?

If he did have the courage to go to any of these three men, Angela would really give him a bunch of suits.

She wanted to see whether he had the courage or not!

'Talk to Chuck Si, Sven Si, or Arvin Gu?' Randal's face turned pale when he thought of these three men. The Si family wouldn't believe his words. And what's more, he was so scared to see Arvin Gu. That was why he had always kept away from him.

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