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   Chapter 206 What About Me

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Rosa had already been used to his indifference, so she walked toward him and stood in front of him, face to face, "You and Angela... got a marriage certificate."


Tears welled from the woman's eyes, "Then... What about me?"

Arvin looked at her with a complicated look, "What happened in the past remains in the past. There are better men waiting for you."

Before he met Angela, he had thought that anyone could get married to each other and have babies as long as they didn't hate each other.

After he met Angela, he began to know what love was, what mutual affection was, and what happiness was.

What Angela brought to his life couldn't be provided by other women.

Rosa dropped her head, feeling really upset that she was born with such an unfortunate destiny. She had really missed Arvin.

She knew that Arvin's heart did not have any space for her, not even the tiniest bit, but she couldn't give up... because of Nita, and also because of her baby...

She suddenly ran into his chest, "Arvin, do you know? During the seven years that I went missing, I thought of you every single moment of each day... because I still love you. Arvin, I am back. Don't push me away, okay?"

Arvin kept a distance between themselves and said, "Rosa, please don't do that. I'm already married."

Rosa cried, her face full of tears. She looked at his indifferent face and said, "Arvin, get a divorce with her, okay? I am your fiancée. We... we were engaged before!"

"It's too late." The two words instantly drew them both apart.

Rosa cried harder, "Arvin! My love for you has never changed for over ten years! Why... are you being so cruel to me?" As soon as she finished her question, Rosa's breath began to hasten, and her face went pale.

Arvin knew something was wrong. He hurriedly comforted her, "Calm down. Don't think about it too much now, all right?"

But, it was already late.

Rosa clenched her chest and collapsed to the ground.

Arvin had no choice but to hold her.

Rosa tightly grasped his hands, "Arvin, it hurts..." Her heart ached, really ached...


e... went to a party."

"Okay, let her enjoy herself."

The bodyguard, who was sent by Arvin, added one more word, "But, it's a masquerade ball. It was said that the daughter of the president was going to pick a fiancé there, so... it was a party for single ladies and gentlemen."

Arvin's voice turned cold all of a sudden, "Send me the location, and keep an eye on her. I'll be there in two hours."

It only took two hours from J City to C Country in his private plane.

On the Princess Cruise Ship

The hostess of the party was the daughter of the president, so many people came, and all of them were single. It was a huge cruise ship, loaded with maximum capacity.

In a masquerade ball like this, one could only judge a person through his or her silhouette and clothing, without seeing the face.

When the five ladies wearing fancy black gowns appeared on the cruise ship together, they immediately caught many men's eyes.

Judging from their appearance, nobody could have guessed that they were married women; some of whom even had babies.

The moment they stepped onto the ship, many rich bachelors scrambled to greet them.

"Beautiful ladies, I am the manager of XX group, and my name is XX." The men said in an arrogant voice.

Janet responded to him in a voice of the same magnitude, "This beautiful lady standing right beside me is the general manager of the SL Group."

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