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   Chapter 205 Who Am I to Love Him

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"How long will you be staying there?"

"It depends. I am thinking of staying for a few days. I miss my parents." Angela thought of the conversation she had with her parents yesterday. They complained about never seeing her. It was true. It had been a long time since she last visited them, which made her feel guilty.

"Okay. Remember to call me when you plan to come back." Arvin needed to know so he can go and pick her up.

"I will, " Angela replied in obedience. Then, she remembered another thing she had been meaning to ask, "Why did you give my family so much money? It's too much for a betrothal gift."

"Is it?" Arvin obviously didn't think so.

"..." Even though she knew Arvin was rich, Angela didn't know he was crazy rich. "It's not?"

"No. I also have some real estate and stocks to give you. I'll have them sorted out and transferred to you in a couple of weeks."

'Oh my god!' Angela couldn't believe what she was hearing. With one hand pressed against her thudding heart, she hurriedly refused, "Please don't, Big Wing. You've already given me too much. Way too much!" Things turned out so differently from what Angela had expected. She was hoping that maybe she could return some of the money Arvin had given her, but now it seemed that he only wanted her to have more!

Arvin didn't reply and changed the subject. "How do you plan to tell our father that we are not moving to C Country?"

Angela knew he meant her father, his father-in-law. 'Yes, we are married now. It's so nice to hear him say that.' Angela couldn't help but break into a smile.

However, the thought of Arvin's reaction to the proposal and the way he pinned her on the bed under him last night made her shiver. The smile on her face went away, and she slowly replied, "Well, I'll say that... I am very happy here in J City, so it really isn't necessary to move to C Country. We'll visit them often, so it won't be any different."

There was no way she would mention marrying into her family in front of Arvin again, especially now that she knew he had no intention of doing so.

"Now, that's my girl. Make sure that I don't hear this thing again, or you and I will be needing a serious talk!"

"No, you won't! I will talk him out of this idea. I promise!" Angela had good reasons to do that, at least Arvin would go easier on her in their sex life if she succeeded.

Pleased with her answer, Arvin nodded and said, "Okay, have a good rest, and call me when you get home."

"I will. Don't work too hard, Arvin." She worried about him.



passed before Chuck talked to her daughter and urged her to go back to J City.

"Your mum and I had thought about it. It is inappropriate for us to keep you two newlyweds apart. It's time for you to pack and return to your husband."

Angela had been dying to hear it from her dad. 'Finally, it came to you, ' she thought.

But she didn't say anything.

Though she missed Arvin, Angela also wanted to stay longer at home, to be with her parents, her brother and sister-in-law, and her two little nephews.

At the Jianqiao Garden

Rosa was playing the zither when Arvin arrived. Seeing her from behind, Arvin found her back elegant and thin.

The one she was playing was his favorite tune, back when they were together.

Whoever saw her play the zither would be convinced that she was born to be a zither player.

At that moment, even though she hadn't touched a string for seven years, her skills hadn't faded.

It was after she finished the piece when she finally noticed someone standing behind her. Slowly, she stood up from the chair.

Joy filled her eyes instantly when she saw that Arvin was there, "Hi, Arvin."

Her voice and her appearance were still the same as before.

Strangely, the sight of Rosa reminded Arvin of Angela.

Angela was the opposite of Rosa. Every time she saw Arvin, she would always run happily into his arms and share with him her day's anecdotes or ideas. She liked calling him by the nickname - Big Wing. And Arvin would let her carry on with Big Wing this and Big Wing that most of the time. He enjoyed it.

As he was reflecting, he found himself more attracted to Angela, who was full of energy and enthusiasm.

"Hi, " replied Arvin distantly.

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