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   Chapter 204 It's Good for Your Baby's Development

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7993

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"Oh right! I almost forgot. I've asked the chef to make dinner for us. Let's eat first!" said Angela. Earlier, she took a shower, and when she was about to change into her pajamas, she received Arvin's call.

She was very excited and also nervous after the call, so she just sat on the bed for a couple of minutes, in a daze. She even forgot to take off her bath towel and put on her pajamas.

Then, before she could react, Arvin had already arrived at the room. Angela then hastily threw herself on the bed and held her breath.

"But I don't want to eat that!" said Arvin. He threw his tie aside and started to unbutton his shirt.

Watching his every movement, Angela kept swallowing.

Arvin was... a seductive creature. As time went by, he became a more mature and capable man. He was so charming and manly that she couldn't resist him. Whenever she saw him, her heartbeat just wouldn't stop thumping.

"If you don't... want to... have the dinner I have prepared, what do you... want to have?" Angela was indulging herself, watching the spectacle in front of her, and stupidly stammered out her question.

With an affectionate look in his eyes, Arvin drew closer to her and said, "I want to have... you!" She was so pretty and attractive to him. He was hungry for her.

"You want to have me? Fine!" said Angela. She still wasn't focused on what was happening.

Hearing her say fine, Arvin couldn't wait any longer. He put his palm on her body. Immediately, Angela came back to her senses and corrected, "No, no... I meant that we should have dinner first! Dinner!" She was not food. How could he eat her? She had lost herself in the man's charms. How stupid of her!

Finally, in order not to waste Angela's efforts, Arvin stopped and brought her a bath robe. After she had put it on, he carried her to the dinner table.

They turned off all the lights in the room and lit the candles. There were roses, red wine, delicious food, and a couple who was passionately in love. Everything was so perfect.

After dinner, while Arvin took a shower in the bathroom, Angela worked out in the gym inside the room to help digest her food.

She was in a good mood tonight, so she had eaten a lot, making her really full.

When Arvin came out of the bathroom, he saw Angela on the phone with Nancy on the fitness machine.

"Well, yes. He's so busy, so I should prepare it myself,

in, well, nothing important. Angela is already one of our family members. You should have her stay at our house more frequently!"

"Mom, you're interrupting our wedding night. Please spend more time in worrying about your second son's marriage!"

Angela wanted to cover his mouth, but she failed to do so in time. Embarrassed, Teresa coughed and said, "Hey, it's only seven o'clock. Isn't it too early to..."

"Does it have anything to do with the time?" Beads of sweat were already coming out from his forehead. He couldn't bear his lust anymore.

"Umm... you're right. Time is not an issue. Take care of your health, and bring Angela home whenever you're free. Ask your grandma to give you some Chinese medicine to strengthen your body."

Arvin glanced at the woman who was wheezing and panting and said, "Mom, you can ask Angela's opinion. She will tell you if I need to take some medicine."

Instantly, Angela repeatedly shook her head. Oh, no! If Arvin would drink any more Chinese medicine to strengthen... She would definitely die.

Soon enough, Arvin hung up to stop his mother's nagging and switched the phone off, so that he could enjoy his romantic moment with his wife.

The next morning, Angela dressed up and then followed Kent to board Arvin's private plane.

Before Arvin started his work, he called her and reminded, "Remember to call me everyday."

"Yes, Mr. Gu!"

"Good. Stay away from any other men, including those married men."

Umm... Those married men were Daniel, Jerry, and her brother's two other friends.

"Yes, I know, Mr. Gu!" said Angela.

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