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   Chapter 203 Congratulations on Your Marriage

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6856

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Kidnapped? What the hell? Arvin was in utter anger. He never thought that someone would dare kidnap his wife in J City, let alone in this very day they have gotten their marriage license.

Tianyu Bay was a six-star hotel that belonged to his older brother's company. Why would the kidnapper take Angela there?

At the thought of this, he was bewildered. But the mere thought that Angela was at the hands of kidnappers stopped him from thinking further. "Wait for me!" Arvin replied shortly and left his apartment right away.

Kent was on his way back after driving Arvin to the apartment. He was in the silver Pagani, driving speedily along the wide road. He was called back by Arvin, "Ask someone to go to Room 1888 in Tianyu Bay!"

When he picked Arvin up, Kent was forced to sit in the passenger seat. He immediately took his mobile phone out, opened his contacts list, and asked, "What happened, Mr. Gu?"

"Something bad happened to Angela, " Arvin answered him shortly and maneuvered the steering wheel skillfully. The silver Pagani overtook one car after another.

"Something bad?" Kent opened his mouth in shock.

He wondered, 'Who is ignorant enough to kidnap Arvin Gu's wife in J City, the Gu family's territory?'

Arvin's apartment and Tianyu Bay was only a 5-minute drive. Braking sharply, Arvin stopped his car at the entrance of the hotel.

At the sight of Arvin's car, a bellboy came up to him immediately and greeted Arvin and Kent politely, " Mr. Gu, Mr. Jiang!"

"Take it, " Arvin responded and nonchalantly threw his car keys to the bellboy. He quickly strode into the hotel.

The bellboy took the keys and drove the car to the parking lot.

In the hotel, four ceremonial usherettes in red cheongsams and white shawls bowed to and greeted Arvin and Kent, "Welcome, Mr Gu and Mr Jiang!"

Arvin nodded and walked to the elevator straight away without waiting for the usherettes. Kent sped up his pace in order to catch up with Arvin.

Because he was preoccupied with thoughts of Angela in danger, Arvin even negle

p as punishment.

On the way to this hotel, he was so worried about her that his mind did not ease for a moment.

Knowing that she was wrong in doing that, Angela put her arms around Arvin's neck and asked him apologetically, "Are you angry with me?"

Arvin shook his head and thought, 'How could I ever get angry with you?' "No, I was just worried about you. So worried..."

"Oh... I'm really sorry, " she apologized.

"You don't have to apologize to me. I'm okay with whatever you want to do." 'As long as she is happy, I'll be okay, ' he thought. Arvin pressed her body under him. He used his left arm to support his body and his right hand to loosen his tie. He looked so hot in doing that, especially from Angela's point of view.

"How did I end up with such a handsome husband!" Angela kissed Arvin on his cheek happily.

She used to think that if she had to marry someone, she would definitely marry the most handsome man in the world.

Finally, her dream came true! She did marry the most gorgeous man in the world!

Although there were many other handsome men in the world, Arvin was the most attractive in her eyes.

Arvin chuckled, "You are so cute, my baby."

Angela's face flushed. She buried her red face in her hands and said, "My husband..." In fact, she had not gotten used to calling him that.

"Mmm.." Arvin answered gently.

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