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   Chapter 202 A Sky-high Priced Wife

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7485

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Of course, Angela didn't understand what he truly meant by it. She stupidly nodded and said, "Mhm, okay."

One of the happiest things in the world was having someone to love. And when one did, he or she would not be able to keep it from the world. Such was the case with Arvin right now.

He seldom posted on his Microblog page, but now, he posted something for Angela again.

He posted a picture of their marriage certificates and wrote, "Honey, let me spoil you for the rest of your life."

Instantly, this post caused chaos on the internet. It became such a hot topic to the point where the App had crashed because a lot of netizens were on it. The programmers of the App, who had already been off duty, now had to go back to the company and fix the system.

Wearing a silly but happy look, Angela had her phone in her hands. She remembered when they first met a long time back. She quickly reposted it and commented, "Hahaha, I've trapped a 'golden turtle*'!"

(*TN: golden-turtle husband, is a Chinese term literally translated. It's used to refer to a rich husband.)

'Golden turtle' These words were her first comment to Arvin when they first met each other.

After reposting, Angela received Chuck's call. "Dad!"

"Ha! I thought you have forgotten your own father, now that you have your golden turtle." Chuck said with jealousy.

Angela giggled and answered, "Of course not! My father is always the most important man in my life. How could I possibly forget about you?"

"That sounds better. My dear, I've received nine hundred and ninety million worth of presents from Arvin. I'm keeping it for you. Remember to get it from me when you come back!" Chuck's tone immediately changed. Reality was dawning on him.

His daughter had indeed grown up! She had already married.

Angela's mouth dropped when she heard the amount of the cash that Arvin gave them. Nine hundred and ninety million... That's almost one billion!

Wow! She's a sky-high priced wife.

"Dad, should we return some to him..."

"No way! I still think it's not enough! My daughter is worth more than a billion. You're priceless in my eyes! But, take it easy. I've secretly asked Daniel to estimate Arvin's assets. He has dozens of billions

an why?' He explained, "Honey, you're my wife now. Today's our wedding night. Are you sure you want to spend the night somewhere else?"

Husband, wife, and wedding night... All these new terms! Angela's face flushed bright red all of a sudden... She said in a low voice, "We're already together everyday, aren't we?"

"It's a different case. I'll let Kent send you home tomorrow."

"... okay." Since tonight was their first wedding night... Angela didn't want to waste it. She decided to go back home tomorrow.

Because it was a special day for Arvin, he left the hospital earlier than usual and went back to his apartment.

He opened the apartment's door and entered it, but he couldn't find anyone there.

His heart sank with disappointment. Was Angela already back to C Country? It wasn't a surprise if she did that without telling him.

If she dared go back to C Country on their wedding night, he would absolutely fly there now. He wouldn't miss their first wedding night!

He had checked all the three bedrooms, the study, the kitchen, and even the storage room, but he still couldn't find her.

He took out his phone from his pocket and dialed Angela's number. "Where are you now?"

Hearing his question, Angela knew that he had already returned to the apartment, looking for her. Then, she said, "Big wing, I was kidnapped by someone! Come, now! In room 1888 at the Tianyu Bay Hotel... But please don't be too worried. They just want money, and they won't hurt me!"

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