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   Chapter 201 She's Back

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6347

Updated: 2018-10-09 17:23

Angela recognized her - Rosa Yin. She had just seen her photo at Jianqiao Garden.

It was the woman who had a history with Arvin.

Finally, Arvin decided to take a step forward... Finally, she was accepted by Arvin's family... Finally, Rosa's family stopped bothering their relationship... Finally, they overcame all criticisms so they could be together... But Rosa appeared right at this moment.

Angela was afraid that all the efforts she made, all the pain she had gone through, and even all the love she gave Arvin... would be in vain.

She got flustered.

Although Rosa didn't say anything and just gently looked at her, Angela seemed utterly flurried.

A moment ago, she felt like she was floating with the clouds, and now, she felt like she had dropped to the hard, cold ground, especially when she heard her voice, saying, "Hi, I'm Rosa Yin."

Rosa Yin.

Angela turned pale when she heard the name Rosa, who was always the barrier stuck between Arvin and her. Now, she was back again.

Angela felt embarrassed. She felt like the third wheel the moment she saw Rosa.

She became angry and puzzled, 'Why did Rosa Yin come back? Why today?'

But Arvin held her hands and said "Angela, let's get it done."

She hesitated and ran away with the residence register booklet and ID card in her hands.

But Arvin quickly caught up with her, held her in his arms, and said "She's got nothing to do with us."

No, Arvin would't give up loving Angela just because of Rosa's return.

Angela bit her lip and shook her head because she remembered Rosa's sad eyes. She was afraid that Arvin still cared for her, even a little bit.

At last, Angela escaped Arvin's embrace.

She took a taxi to Stanley's flat and found Nancy. She trembled and said nothing, just hugging her tight.

Nancy was worried, asking her what had happened, "What's going on? Tell me. Didn't you go regist

is soft and seductive voice.

Arvin picked her up, pinned her down on the sofa, and kissed her from her cheeks down to her body...

Even after having done this for so many times, she still acted like it was the first.


Near noon, Angela changed her clothes, and they both reappeared at the entrance of the civil affairs bureau.

They entered the hall hand in hand, unstoppable.

The procedure of marriage registration was quickly done. Angela couldn't hold back her tears when she looked at the silver seal on the red booklet and a photo of the both of them.

She was married! And she married Arvin, the most wonderful man in the world.

Arvin looked very happy, too. In the car, he planted a sweet kiss on Angela's cheek and said, "Hi honey, I'm your husband!"

Angela kissed him back and said, "My love, I'm your wife. I will be with you for the rest of your life!"

He held her in his arms and teased, "Yeah, but you have to work on some certain things. I have to keep training you. You still hold back whenever we..."

"No, no, no! Not training, but teaching!" But they had gone way past the teaching part.

Arvin looked at his wife joyfully and said, "No matter if it's training or teaching, I'll love you forever!" Yes, he would.

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