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   Chapter 200 I Am Already At The Gate Of The Civil Affairs Bureau

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6936

Updated: 2018-10-09 15:38

Professor Cheng looked quietly at Angela who was dancing with joy, "You're just getting a marriage license? When you finally hold a wedding ceremony, if you ever forget to invite me, you are never allowed to call me Master again!"

Angela joked with him, smiling, "All right! If you were several decades younger, you could actually be Arvin's bestman! Hahaha..."

Professor Cheng tapped her head with the knuckle of his ring finger, "You show no respect for the elderly! Do your work! Check whether the formula you added is correct..."

It seemed that it wasn't...

The second day came with a gentle breeze and the warm sun, with its rays grazing Angela's body.

She squinted her eyes, looking at the residence certificate and ID card in her hand, and smiled widely and naively.

Arvin was still in the operating room. Kent said that he would finish soon.

But she couldn't wait, so she went to the civil affairs bureau ahead of time.

She had been waiting for about half an hour when Arvin called.

"Hello, have you finished your surgery?" Angela asked sweetly on the phone.

"Yes. Where are you? Come find me, and we'll go together." Returning to the office, Arvin changed out of his white gown.

Angela laughed, feeling a little embarrassed, and told him, "I am already at the gate of the civil affairs bureau!"

Arvin was a little surprised, and then he laughed gently, eyes filled with warmth. He told her, "Wait for me!"

"All right!"

After ending the phone call with Arvin, Angela called Nancy, "Hello, mother of my godson!"

There was no doubt that she would be the godmother of Nancy's child.

"Angela, why are you so happy? What are you doing?" Nancy could not only hear Angela's happiness, but she could also sense it.

Angela swayed her legs as she sat on a nearby bench and said, "Listen carefully! I am now at... the gate of the civil affairs bureau!"

"Wow! Angela, are you going to get a marriage certificate with Arvin? " Nancy shouted with an extremely delighted shriek.

A man's voice came from beside immediately, "Relax,

it's me..."

Even if he hadn't seen her for seven years, he could still recognize the voice.

An hour later.

Angela was so worried that she wanted to call Arvin. Finally, the familiar Pagani appeared in her sight.

She trotted all the way from the gate of the bureau to the car, while Arvin got off from the driver's seat.

Angela ran into his chest, held his waist, and complained, "What took you so long? I've been waiting for you since forever!"

Arvin looked at the woman on his chest with bothered eyes. "Something came up, so I went home."

"Went home?" Angela suddenly understood and laughed, "Did you forget to bring your residence certificate?"

Arvin shook his head, looking slightly melancholic, "No."

Huh? No? Angela took one step back. She sensed there was something wrong with Arvin.

Just when she was about to ask Arvin what had happened, the passenger seat door of the car opened, and out came a woman.

The woman had long dark hair neatly falling to her shoulders and back, a palm-sized oval face, a pair of bright, beaming eyes, and an elegant smile hanging on her lips.

She wore a long, pale pinkish grey dress of the smallest size, with a long white jacket outside. She was thin, very thin that she looked vulnerable.

Every movement she made was gentle, leaving Angela the impression that she was... like... a big sister next door.

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