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   Chapter 199 Heroine

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7368

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Lily took out her mobile phone and called Arvin.

Finn and her daughter wanted to stop her, but it was too late. It was Kent who held Arvin's mobile phone in his hand. He answered the call immediately when he saw it was Arvin's grandmother. He said, "Hello, my lady!"

"Is this Kent? Where is Arvin? I'm looking for him."

"Wait a minute, my lady. I will take the phone to Mr. Gu!"

A few minutes later, Lily hung up the call and told Finn in an angry voice, "Arvin is such a naughty boy. He asked me not to cure anyone who offended Angela!" Then, she asked Nita with a confused look, "Nita, what's wrong with you and Angela?"

Nita felt quite awkward upon hearing that. She slightly moved her eyes and said, "There has been... some misunderstanding between Angela and I. She just made me like this without even discussing the problem diplomatically!"

Some misunderstanding? Lily responded with a sneer. She didn't want to pretend that she knew nothing about their disputes, so she said, "Finn, take your girl back!"

Last time, it was Angela who slept with her grandson, but Nita lied and told everyone that it was her who did so. Thinking of this, Lily was unwilling to cure Nita's illness.

Finn and Nita became worried when they heard that from Lily. Finn said, "Lily, please... We have visited other hospitals, but doctors of the dermatology department said they had never seen such strange symptoms. They didn't know how to cure it, so I had no choice but to turn to you for help. If you don't help Nita, she may never recover again!"

Lily raised her eyebrows and replied, "I know Angela. If Nita didn't do anything unreasonable to her, she would have never treated her this way. The kids have to solve this by themselves!" Then, she called out to a servant standing at the door, "Lee, please see our guests off."

A girl went over and said, "Yes, madame!"

Thus, Finn and Nita were asked out of the Gu's house.

After they had left the Gu's house, Nita was so angry. She blamed Angela even more!

"Nita, what the hell did you do to Angela to make her pay back in such a mean way?" Finn didn't even dare look straight at her daughter's face.

Nita pulled her hat lower, tryi

la! You crazy bitch!" Nita was so irritated that she totally lost her elegance.

Her shout attracted many people's attention!

Angela smirked and said, "Don't get mad at me! Apply some garlic on your face and rub it, and you'll be fine!"

"... Then, what about the antidote you just dropped?" Nita totally had no idea why she asked about this. She was so angry that she was losing her mind.

Angela threw away the glass bottle and said, "What antidote? Oh, you mean this one? It's just water!"


Nita was speechless, and she felt as if she was going to faint in the next moment...

Finally, she tried to compose herself. She tried to grab Angela's wrist but was dragged to the ground by Angela instead.

"Just leave me alone next time when you see me! Otherwise, I won't make your face this pretty next time!"

Two minutes after Angela had left, Nita finally fainted.

After playing tricks on Nita, Angela no longer felt depressed. She couldn't wait to obtain their marriage license tomorrow!

She felt so happy that Arvin and she were finally going to be officially married!

She hummed and went back to Professor Cheng's office, looking quite delighted.

Professor Cheng took off his presbyopic glasses and glanced at Angela who looked extremely excited. He asked, "Are you high?"

"I think I am more excited than any drug could make me, Professor. Let me tell you a secret! Arvin and I are going to obtain a marriage license tomorrow!"

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