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   Chapter 198 Boiling Hot Oil

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6508

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Before Angela showed up, Nita believed that Arvin was in love with Rosa.

But now, she realized Arvin didn't love Rosa at all!

"I have another question. Why do you always want to hurt me? I have never offended you." She had already known that it was Nita who asked her assistant Susan to put the snake in her locker.

Nita laughed loudly upon hearing her question and answered, "You do offend me. You offend me because you love Arvin!"

... 'What an unreasonable woman!'

Since Nita hated her so much, Angela didn't want to say anything more to her. Therefore, she stood up and told Nita, "I'm going to the washroom. Wait a second... What's that thing on your hair?"

Although Nita warned herself to be on her guard when with Angela, she couldn't help but turn her attention to her hair since Angela looked serious.

She touched her hair and asked, "What?"

All of a sudden, Angela took out a bottle and sprayed it on Nita's face, "This!"

Nita only felt something wet on her face, but her facial expression greatly changed when she saw the bottle in Angela's hand. "What's that? What did you do to my face?"

Angela looked satisfied. She showed the little bottle to her and said, "I just gave you a lesson!" Angela was best at dealing with chemicals, so she chose to punish Nita this way.

She asked Nita out, so she could get back at this mean woman! 'How could she tell Arvin that she was the one who had sex with him that night!

No wonder she told me that she had slept with Arvin!'

Angela rubbed her chin, looked at Nita who was looking for her cosmetic mirror, and said, "Shame on you! Don't ever lie to others again."

"Angela, if you hurt me, I will never let you off easily!" In the end, Nita finally found the mirror. She got mad when she saw her own face.

Nita was greatly frightened by how she looked. She didn't know what to say. She was too shocked in horror!

Angela diverted her attention and tried n

Someone asked, "Boss Si, you have so many houses. Why would you sleep in the office?"

Another netizen flirted with Daniel, "Boss Si, you can sleep with me!"

Unfortunately, that flirty netizen was immediately scolded and cursed by fans of Daniel and Janet.

Janet replied to Daniel, "You can sleep in the baby's room!"

Daniel commented, "No. I want to sleep with my wife!"


All the netizens got jealous of the sweet relationship between Daniel and Janet.

Angela couldn't help but laugh as she read the comments.

She decided to share more moments on the internet to entertain herself.

The next day, Angela found out that Finn took Nita to the Gu family's house. They wanted to ask Lily for help.

Lily was surprised when she heard what Nita said, "What are you talking about? Who did this to you?"

"Angela! Grandma, how could she do this to me? She is too..." Nita couldn't finish her sentence and cried loudly.

"Angela?" Lily became lost in her thoughts when she knew it was Angela who did this.

Finn interrupted Lily and said worriedly, "Mrs. Gu, can you give us some medicine to cure her face? She looks terrible and can't go outside!"

Lily waved her hands and said, "You know my grandson! He is always on Angela's side. Let me call Arvin. Please wait!"

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