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   Chapter 197 Coffee without Sugar

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7524

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After hearing Derrick's words, Arvin felt a bit upset. Then, he nodded and said, "Well, Derrick, Nita is not as innocent as you think. Remember that I warned you!" Arvin did have evidence for his claims. Compared with Derrick, Arvin was quite confident that he had a better judge of character.

What's more, a few years ago, Derrick was frauded by some businessmen, so he went bankrupt.. Later, his friends helped him stage a comeback by lending him a lot of money.

Now, the two close friends are drifting away from each other.

To make things worse, they might turn against each other because of Angela and Nita.

In the Gu family's house

Haley almost suffered a mental breakdown. Then she told Lily. "Mom, how can you take Baron to the Ren Family to propose without my permission?" Haley felt a little angry with her mother.

Lily was calmly mixing a Chinese herbal medicine and told her daughter, "According to what I've heard, Cheryl is a good girl. Also, she lost her baby because of Baron, and it is likely that she would never be able to get pregnant anymore. Don't you think Baron should take full responsibility? "

Mom, we can get rid of this trouble by giving them more money. There's no need to sacrifice Baron's happy life, " Haley retorted.

Lily glanced at her and said, "Not everything can be solved with money. Look at the situation. If the money does work, then why is Cheryl's family still insisting on suing Baron?" Lily said angrily.

Haley sneered, "Because they want to ask for more! I've already promised to give them a million dollars, but they turned it down. I am sure they want more than that." Haley's words were full of ironies.

"Not everyone is as snobbish as you!" Lily didn't hesitate to snap back at her daughter, and then she disappointedly shook her head.

"Mom, Cheryl is from the slums. How could she be a good girl? Is it because of your old age that you're not seeing things clearly? Don't you know that criminals come from the slums?" Haley claimed arrogantly.

On hearing her daughter's nonsense, Lily slammed the herbal medicine on the table and coldly looked at her, "Haley, you don't have the right to look down upon anyone. I remember I have told you this so many times. Why do you ke

I just rest at home. But I have insomnia, so I have to sleep during the daytime. When you asked me out, I have just started putting on my makeup! That's why I'm late."

Angela was quick-witted and was good at manipulation. Susan once got tricked by her. This time, Angela asked Nita out. She was afraid that Angela had bad things in store for her.

The waiter came over and politely asked Nita, "Hello. What would you like to drink?"

Nita glanced at Angela's iced coffee, "Coffee without sugar."

After her words, Angela wondered, 'She likes her coffee like Arvin does. They seem to be on the same page. Or was Nita just imitating Arvin?'

"Tell me. Why did you ask me out?" Nita played with her expensive watch. As if sensing something, she looked at Angela's wrist.

She saw Angela wearing a silver mechanical watch with an international designer's logo. It was several times more expensive than hers.

Full of jealousy, Nita put her wrist in her pocket, so Angela wouldn't notice.

Nita thought, 'Angela won Arvin because she was born in a rich family. If I were the daughter of the Si family, Arvin would have fallen in love with me.'

Without knowing what Nita was thinking about, Angela tried to compose her words, "Uhm... Are you Rosa's good friend?"

Every question Angela asked might be a trap, so Nita had to be careful. "Yes, she is my best friend!"

In Nita's heart, she muttered, 'I was kind enough to let Rosa give birth to a baby fathered by a man who loves her.'

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