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   Chapter 196 Pick A Date, and Let's Register Our Marriage

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7357

Updated: 2018-10-08 13:45

Angela grabbed the fork on the table and stabbed at the hard and black thing on her plate. Though reluctant, she picked a slice and bit it. Bearing the desire of spitting it out, she smiled and said, "It's delicious! You should cook more from now on."

She really didn't want to play the role of the cooking maid in the future. Angela chose to be with this man. Even if he was so bad at cooking, she had to swallow all the food he cooked!

Arvin was suspicious at her words, so he took her fork. Angela hastily handed the dish to him.

When she saw him have a slice, Angela immediately rushed to the garbage can and spat out the food in her mouth.

And so did Arvin.

Eventually, they exchanged glances with each other, and then both looked at the food on the plate.

Helpless, Angela had to put down her backpack and go into the kitchen.

She quickly panfried the rest of the beef steak and squeezed some fresh fruit juice. Then, she served them.

After eating the beef steak, Angela curiously looked at the man wiping his mouth and asked, "Arvin, did you do it on purpose?"

Arvin perplexedly looked at her.

"You're so smart. You should know how to cook food! Is it because you don't want to cook for me?" Angela confronted him.

Arvin was speechless. He was innocent. He really didn't know how to cook.

After that, Angela went out of the apartment. She didn't want to get into Arvin's car, but in the end, she was forced to.

The Pagani car drove along the wide city road. It was the morning rush hour, so the traffic was a little slow.

"Nita told you about the Jianqiao Garden, " Arvin said in an affirmative voice.

Angela nodded, "Did she say anything wrong?"

"No. "

Her heart sank and said, "So it's all true then... "

Arvin then took out his bluetooth headset, dialed Kent's number, and turned on the loud speaker. "Mr. Gu, " Kent answered.

"Well, how's everything going with Jianqiao Garden?" Arvin asked.

"We've found a buyer, but he's out on a business trip. We'll finalize the transaction next week. The property title is currently being transferred, " Kent reported.

Arvin glanced at Angela to make sure she had heard Kent's words. Then, he en

arrived at his office, Arvin put on a look of indifference again. He dialed a number. "Derrick, Nita has done something to hurt Angela again. I can't let her off anymore! "

Nita had done a lot of bad things. If it weren't for Derrick's sake, Arvin would have already done something to her.

On the other side of the line, Derrick kept silent. In fact, he also noticed Nita becoming more and more unusual recently.

And even though he had already had her body, he still couldn't feel a little bit love from her heart.

Derrick broke his silence and said, "Your woman is important, and so is mine. Arvin, don't ruin our friendship because of a woman. "

Arvin's face darkened. "Do you know what a kind person Angela is? Nita has hurt her several times, succeeding each time. But what about Angela? Did she ever do anything to get back at Nita? Nita is impenitent, and she's making things worse! Derrick, if I'm still your friend, then just let me take my revenge on Nita! "

Derrick yelled, "Arvin! Nita is a weak woman. If you really want to take your revenge on her, I won't just stand by and do nothing!" Derrick loved Nita. How could he possibly let Arvin do anything to her?

Before Arvin spoke, he asked, "It's not like Angela is an angel. Maybe, she is framing and slandering Nita in front of you because Angela knows that Nita loves you. "

'Nita is a weak woman?' wondered Arvin. She had hidden her true character so well in front of Derrick.

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