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   Chapter 195 That Was the Reason Why You Were Angry with Me

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Updated: 2018-10-08 11:17

Arvin's face fell when he heard that she did not want to see him. He asked, "What happened? Why are you so upset? Tell me the reason."

"Because you are annoying!" She was upset because Arvin still kept a room for Rosa. The photo of Arvin and Rosa also bothered her. It seemed like that Rosa was still on his mind.

Arvin was confused about her words, so he asked, "Are you on your period?"

'That's not right... There's still a few days left before her period starts!' he thought.

"Why do men always blame women's periods for being upset? Arvin, I hate you because you have concealed so many things from me! Bye!" Angela shouted and hung up the phone immediately.

Angela lay on the bed, tossing and turning. Then, she heard someone entering her apartment. She sat up and thought it was Nancy.

Half minute later, the door of the bedroom was pushed open. Angela glared at the person in front of her as soon as she saw him enter.

"What? Don't you want to see me." He saw her upset face, but he didn't know what he had done that annoyed her this much.

Angela pulled the quilt over her head and kept silent.

Arvin sat by the bed and said in resignation, "If you're going to put me through this, at least give me a reason!"

"You are annoying!" That sentence again...

Arvin approached her. When he pulled the quilt from her head, he saw her red eyes filled with tears. "Tell me. What the hell is going on?" He said in authoritative tone, like he normally sounded, but Angela was taken aback.

"Why are you angry with me? What gave you the right to be angry with me?"

Arvin was speechless. When did he get angry?

Suddenly, Arvin stood up. Seeing him walk away, Angela became nervous. She thought to herself, 'Was he really mad at me? Is he going to leave?'

When she saw Arvin take off his suit jacket and hung it on a coat tree, she felt relieved.

Then, Arvin lay on the bed and embraced Angela, but she pushed him away.

Arvin moved away but said softly, "If you are going to be unreasonable, I'll be unreasonable in making you talk as well."

Angela was really clever at ti

f the house.

She still remembered what happened last night and was still mad at him. She wouldn't forgive him unless he gave her a sensible explanation!

Arvin looked at the charred food on the plate... He said, "If you don't eat the food, I'll give it to..."

"Who will you give the food to? Other women? Or the woman who sent you flowers yesterday morning? Tell me, tell me!" Angela angrily rushed to him and lost... one of her slippers.

She would never know how cute she looked whenever she got jealous.

Arvin held back his laughter, looked at her innocently, and said, "Didn't you just say no?"

"Yes, I did! But even if I don't eat the food, you can't give it to another woman!" Angela took the breakfast from him.

But... what was on the plate?

"What's... that? Did you make it yourself?" Angela was surprised and then she looked at the man who was a little embarrassed.

Arvin wanted to tell her that if Angela didn't eat the food, he would give it to... the dogs.

He cleared his throat and said, "Umm... That is beefsteak."

She was angry with him yesterday. In order to make her happy, he cooked breakfast.

Angela looked at him in astonishment. This meant that... if she ever married Arvin, she would have to cook for both of them!

But Nancy had told her that she should marry a man who could cook, otherwise she would look like an old servant several years later!

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