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   Chapter 194 Classic Beauty

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Nita approached Angela and smiled, "You're right. It is common for someone like Arvin to have so many houses, but what's unusual is that he has kept one in Jianqiao Garden. That place is seldom visited, but is being maintained on a regular basis."

"What's unusual about that?" 'Arvin couldn't possibly stay in more than one house at a time.' Angela still didn't think much about what Nita was saying.

Nita's face showed a wide smile. "Nothing. But what if I tell you that he is keeping one of the rooms for a woman? Is that normal, too?"

Angela thought about it and shook her head, "Not that much. But why are you beating around the bush? Do you mean to say that Arvin is keeping a room at Jianqiao Garden for a woman?"

"You're not that stupid after all. That's right. Do you want to have a look?" Nita put on a sly smile.

Wanting to quench her curiosity, Angela followed Nita into Jianqiao Garden.

At Building 2, Jianqiao Garden.

The two cars slowly pulled over, and the two women got out.

Looking at the pair of high, wooden doors before her, Angela turned around and asked, "How do we get in? Do you have the key?"

"Me? Of course not!" Nita then took out her phone and made a call, "Open the doors."

Within three minutes, the doors were opened from the inside by an old housekeeper, who greeted Nita politely, "Miss Zhen."

Nita glanced at Angela, and they went into the villa together.

Nita stopped on the second floor and pushed a door open. "Come on in and have a look!" She told Angela who was standing at the doorway.

Stepping into a dominantly orange room with a wallpaper of ballon flowers, she saw lots of paintings.

On a wall hung a two-meter-high photo frame. It was a picture of a woman in a traditional orange dress.

On her face was a gentle smile, her mouth corners turning slightly upward, her hands holding a fan.

Angela didn't know the woman,

eart, but she didn't show it.

However, after knowing all this, she could not pretend that nothing had happened, so she went to her own apartment instead of Arvin's.

Arvin called at around 11:00 PM, as expected.

Angela had no intention to hide from him and said, "I won't spend the night at your place today."

"Why? Where have you been?" He intended to discuss the marriage license with her, so they both could agree on a final date.

Arvin sensed something was wrong, as Angela fell silent. "You are unhappy."

She could barely hold her tears at his words. How could he know her so well? "Do you really care if I am unhappy? Can you comfort me with your sweet words?"

She knew he would, but she just wanted to ask the question and make sure.

To her expectation, Arvin said without hesitation, "Of course! I will pick you up."

This silly girl would trap herself in this sad mood if he wasn't there to solve her problem.

"I won't let you come! Arvin, I went to..." But, she couldn't tell him where she had been.

She tried to ignore that room at Jianqiao Garden.

"Angela, be a good girl and tell me where you are right now. He was ready to leave, with his coat over his arm.

"Arvin, I don't want to see you today, " she said gloomily.

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