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   Chapter 193 Shielding Her Shortcomings

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6703

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"Oh, okay. Would you like me to go with you?"

"All right, you can help me."

"Great! But you have to cheer up. We won't give up looking for Rosa, but we have to start looking on the bright side, okay?"



The time she spent with Arvin was usually at night. Since they were both busy during the day, they couldn't spare time to be with each other.

One day, Arvin took Angela to his house to have dinner. His family loved having her around. Before the dinner, only his grandmother like her, but now, even Teresa and Lulu liked Angela very much. Seeing this, Arvin gazed at Angela, his heart full of contentment.

His look made Angela blush, so she covered his eyes and forbade him to stare. Such childish yet lovable reaction made everyone laugh.

Susan admitted that she was the sole culprit of what happened in the locker room of the R and D Department.

She said that she wanted to hurt Angela because she hated her. Because of Angela, Arvin wouldn't even look at Nita anymore.

Angela and Arvin joked around for a while. Then, Arvin told her that Susan admitted to planting the snake in her locker.

Surprised, she wondered why Susan did it to her. It was also she who uploaded the video of herself entering Arvin's office last time. Now, she was trying to cause chaos with the snake. Angela wondered whether she was too easy to be bullied.

That night, Angela took a bottle of medicine to the OB-GYN department.

Now that Nita was no longer around, Susan was assigned to the new director.

Angela went there. Not long after she left, she heard screams from the OB-GYN department.

Later, it was said that Susan had been sent to the emergency room.

Since her condition was too complicated, Arvin was invited to discuss Susan's disease and the treatment.

Arvin looked at the woman whose whole body turned black. There was no sign of pain on her face, but her eyes were filled with horror.

Knowing it was her, Arvin immediately tossed the medical reports to

out of nowhere."

Nita wore a pale smile, stood still, held her clutch bag with one hand, and looked at Angela contemptuously, "I'm here to talk to you about Arvin."

"Is there anything to talk about? If I want to know something about Arvin, why would I ask you?" Angela was about to leave, walking past her.

Nita's hand holding the bag gradually clenched, "Do you really think he likes you?" You are just Arvin's rebound girl since Rosa's not around. If Rosa comes back, he'll throw you away as if you had never existed."

Angela remained still, looking back at Nita, puzzled. "You have already told me that several times. Aren't you tired of it? I am. So please stop telling me these, okay?"

Nita looked seemingly normal, but deep inside, she seemed... sick!

Nita took a deep breath and asked, "Don't you believe me?"

"No, I don't!" She wasn't stupid to be fooled by Nita's words.

She was clearly aware of Arvin's feelings for her, and it was not Nita's place to speak ill of their relationship.

"Do you know that Arvin owns another property in J City?"

"No. I do not know that, but so what? He's rich. He owns a lot of things, " Angela said that in a casual manner. A poor girl like her owned two houses in C Country, with the help of her father and her brother.

Not to mention a wealthy man like Arvin!

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