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   Chapter 192 That's True Love

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"Yes, I've inquired about her information. She went to work as usual these past few days, " answered Kent.

Arvin nodded and instructed, "Investigate Susan Bao's background and also Nita's. I want to know everything about them." He suspected that Nita had instructed Susan to do it.

It was highly possible.

"Okay, Mr. Gu."

"Any news about Adam? Has he done anything suspicious?" asked Arvin. He had to get more information about Adam Geng. Meanwhile, he would like to employ and train Malik Jia as his replacement.

"Adam is very mysterious. I've arranged for someone to keep an eye on him, but I still couldn't find out where he lives, " said Kent. He had once made a joke suggesting that they could drink some beer in Adam's house. But Adam smiled and dismissed it.

'Mysterious?' That wasn't a character that an assistant should have. Arvin said, "Arrange for more people to investigate him."

"Yes, Mr. Gu."

The next noon, after they had finished their lunch, Arvin and Angela left the resort.

Because of the accident last night, Angela had to throw away everything in her locker and buy some new ones, so Arvin took her to a shopping mall.

When they arrived, Angela saw a beverage shop on the roadside and got out of the car first. Arvin then drove the car to the parking lot himself.

Moments later, Angela came out of the shop, holding a cup of Tie guanyin* Tea Mousse in her hand. When she saw Arvin, she had a mouthful of it and placed it in front of Arvin's lips.

(*TN: Tie guanyin, a sort of Chinese oolong tea)

Arvin wrapped his arms around her waist, lowered his head, and took a sip through the same straw.

Angela was amused, so she teased him, "Mr. Gu, the great doctor, aren't you a germaphobe?"

"It depends."

Angela was not satisfied with his reaction, so while pinching his cheek, she teased some more, "Now, give me a smile! How can you put on a serious face while you say something sweet?"

Arvin tittered. He gripped her hand and threatened, "Stop pinching my face, or I'll punish you!"

"Punish me? How?" asked Angela.

Arvin then whispered in her ear, "For example, at night, in bed, I'll..."

Angela immediately blushed. She slapped his arms in protest and said, "How can you be so shameless?"

Wearing an innocent look, Arvin raised his eyebrows and asked, "What did I do? How am I shameless? I me

nd another man as brilliant as he was.

Sansa remained silent. She concentrated on trimming the plants. After a long while, she said in a low voice, "Since Arvin already has another girl whom he loves, then he can do whatever he want. Anyway, there's a good chance that Rosa might not even come back..."

Tears poured down Sansa's wrinkled face. Rosa was her only child. She felt depressed at the fact that she wouldn't be able to have her child by her side when she got old.

"No, Sansa." Cynthia put down her tools, held Sansa's hands, and said, "Don't give up hope. You just said that there are leads regarding her whereabouts, so she must still be alive!"

Sansa repeatedly shook her head and said, "If Rosa were a normal person, I would not wallow this much. But she has a heart disease! The doctor had told me she wouldn't live long. So I don't know if she's still..." Sansa broke down and continued in between sobs, "I just wish I can see Rosa again. As long as she's alive, nothing else matters!"

Finishing her words, Sansa bawled her eyes out.

Cynthia sighed and comforted her, "Don't cry. I'll always be here to keep you company. I'll come visit you more frequently from now on!"

Although she understood that she couldn't replace Rosa, Cynthia said these words to Sansa to make her feel better.

Sansa nodded and said, "I'm already considering of adopting a child, just so there will be someone keep me and Albert company for the rest of our lives." The child could also distract her from thinking about Rosa. She didn't want to keep crying everyday.

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