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   Chapter 191 Ouch! My Waist

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'Crap! I knew something was up.' Angela thought for a minute and put on a pair of puppy dog eyes. "Do you really have the heart to question me after all that I've been through tonight?" she pouted. She shed a tear or two as she talked about the incident.

'He should let it go after seeing me like this, ' she thought.

"All right, this time I will let it pass. But I still have to ask, am I ever going to see you spend time alone with him again?" This was what he was really concerned about. Arvin asked as he ran his hands over Angela's body. She seemed to have gained some weight. Her skin felt soft.

Angela hurriedly raised her right hand and vowed, "No, you won't. I promise!"

"Good. And another thing... I see that you and Baron have gotten close recently. About the message he sent you this afternoon…" Just as Angela had been worried about, Arvin raised another thing she'd done that he thought inappropriate.

'Oh, that thing! God, this man really keeps track.'

Angela knew she shouldn't do things that would upset Arvin. Or, more precisely, she shouldn't do things that would make him jealous.

Because once he got jealous, it would mean big trouble for her.

Case in point, Arvin was fuming right in front of her!

'What should I do?' Angela searched her mind for a way out. Finally, she blurted out under Arvin's glare, "It seems like you have been misbehaving as well. You asked Nita out to dinner. What's worse, you even took her home to meet your parents. Me? I've only dated one guy - Randal. We didn't even do any of those romantic things you guys did, not to mention meeting the parents."

Arvin was stumped by the unexpected accusation. He froze for a minute and said, " Do you mean that I am the one to blame?"

Angela nodded wildly and said, "Yes, you are. You have so many women around you. You are like an emperor who has a houseful of women to choose from. And I said nothing about that! But now, you have the nerve to bring up the fact that I texted another guy?"

Arvin rolled his eyes. He didn't shy away from the topic and said, "Okay, speaking of admirers, when I first went to your place, I saw someone had a guy who was holding a bouquet of 999 blue enchantresses and asking her to be his girlfriend."

Angela was shocked. How did Arvin know about that!

It's true that when she got home that night, there was a guy who went to confess to her. It was the son of some doctor friend of her father's. The boy bought her a bouquet of 999 blue enchantresses and tried to give it to her in front of her whole family. It was quite a scene.

However, back then, Angela was in a bad mood because she had a fight with Arvin, so she turned him down bluntly and didn't even pick up th

arried Angela back to the chair, eyes filled with concern.

"I thought I was on the bed, so I turned…" Angela shot Arvin a pitiful look.

Arvin was amused. Just in case she fell again, he picked her up from the chair and placed her on the bed. "Stay here. I will get you a towel and a hairdryer. You have to dry your hair before going to sleep." Arvin patted her head and left.

When he came back, he bent down to wrap Angela's hair with the towel he had brought and then positioned her face-down flat on the bed. "Where does it hurt?" he asked.

Angela pointed her wrist on her back. Placing his hands there, Arvin gave her a massage.

Even though it wasn't his expertise, he knew some professional techniques. Soon, Angela was relieved from the pain and fell asleep.

It was already past midnight when Arvin tucked Angela in and put away the hairdryer and towel.

Just as he was about to join her in bed, his phone rang. It was Kent.

He knew Kent would never call him at this hour unless it was very important, So he muted his phone and walked to the balcony. "Yes?"

"Mr. Gu, I found out something about the incident. It was an intern at the Research and Development Department who put the snake in the locker room. She was bought over to do that by Susan."


She was Nita's assistant, he remembered.

"Yes. But her phone couldn't be reached right now. I've sent more people to look for her."

'Why would Susan want to hurt Angela?' Arvin furrowed his brow in confusion for a few minutes and then asked, "What has Nita been doing lately?"

"After she left Yao Hospital, quite a few hospitals offered her high positions with decent pay, but she turned them all down. Now, she mostly stays at home, barely leaving the house, " Kent answered.

"Does Susan still show up for work?"

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