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   Chapter 190 Appetizers

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6449

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How could he let off the vicious person who dared to put such a dangerous thing to harm his sweetheart in his own hospital?

After the phone call, Arvin went out of the R and D department, holding Angela.

A few colleagues who were working overtime saw them. Greeting Arvin rather politely, they were surprised at his intimacy with Angela.

Not having recovered from her fear, Angela was at Arvin's disposal and followed him out of the building.

They got into Arvin's car. When Angela's senses finally came back to her, Arvin asked, "What happened?"

Angela told him all that she had seen.

She recalled that the whole thing happened when he phoned her. She was just about to take out her white coat, only to find a snake hanging inside. Startled at the sudden light and Angela's movements, the snake popped out its head. She stepped back upon instinct, lucky enough to have avoided the attack.

Having heard her narration, Arvin fell silent. Letting Angela lean on his shoulder, he stroked her hair to comfort her.

Back at the Oujing Apartment, Angela found Aunt Shelley busy in the kitchen.

Seeing them come back, Shelley greeted, "Mr. Gu, Miss Si, dinner is ready, but the soup may still need a moment. Would you like to have the other dishes first?"

Arvin nodded casually and led the frightened Angela to the bathroom.

"Angela, it's okay now. You are safe here. Don't be afraid anymore." Heart aching, he embraced her and kept kissing her long hair gently.

Angela nodded, "Big Wing, I don't like your ties with patterns."

They just looked like... snake skin.

She wanted to tell him that long before. However, she could try to ignore it if Arvin liked them.

Nevertheless, having experienced this horrible thing tonight, she could no longer bear those ties.

Arvin nodded, "Okay, I won't wear them if you dislike them."

He would say yes to anything she asked for within his ability, let al

l at the same time!

It was late at night.

With Angela within Arvin's embrace, they watched the scenery from afar and were filled with joy.

However, Angela realized something and stared at the grove, frightened. "Do you think there's a... a..." She was too afraid to utter the word.

Arvin hugged her tighter, "No, there won't. It's safe here."

Oh. Okay. She trusted him.

A moment later.

"Won't we go back tonight?" Angela looked up at his handsome face.

"No. We will go back tomorrow." Feeling her gaze, Arvin gave her a swift kiss on the lips.

"Oh. Why the hot spring?" She was not prepared for this. Luckily, the housekeepers had prepared swimwear for her.

Turning his arms, Arvin had Angela sit on his lap, facing him.

"Lay me down, you bad boy."

"I want to know whether you're fine now." If she was, then it was the right time for them to have things settled.

Not knowing the danger looming, she said naively, "Yes, I am totally fine now." Her mind could be at peace as long as she was with him.

"But... I'm not." Grabbing her waist, Arvin moved his hands along her body.

"What's the matter?" She became nervous.

"What's the matter? Angela, you had Fabian take you to his home, remember? Now, it's time for us to address that issue..."

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